; What’s Trending in Web Design: 2020 Highlights
Trending in Web Design 2020

What’s Trending in Web Design: 2020 Highlights


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Want to grab maximum eyeballs in minimum time? Get a website.  That seems the way to go these days. Ensure you keep the latest web design trends in mind for best results.

Go Mobile

Think of yourself and how often you reach for your mobile when you need to search for something.  This is what most people nowadays do.  Mobiles are the go-to device for them before they sit down with their laptops. What this essentially means is that web design needs to factor in this and make do with big images and slow JavaScript. Remember that a mobile-friendly website will score extra points in ranking as well.

Speed up

Attention spans are super short and your website needs to download in less than three seconds these days.  This means designing around load time and speed.  No matter how attractive your homepage might be, it is a lost cause, if nobody waits long enough for it to download.  Google shows up faster loading websites, which makes speed a priority in design.  


Interactive marketing with human-like chatbots is a trending feature in web design these days.  These chatbots are very smart and can easily take a human’s place in meaningfully engaging in chat.  As soon as one spends a certain amount of time on a particular website, these pop up and offer to answer your queries.  They need to be designed so that if they are unable to answer a query, they will automatically step it up to a human agent.

One needs to follow these pointers to optimally design a website. Getting help from the best web design company around will help you check these boxes.

Expect great visibility and increased traffic to your website once you are up to date on latest design trends. Get down to redesigning your website right now.

Top 4 Website Mistakes That Attorneys Should Never Make

Like everyone else out there, attorneys get a lot done through their websites, including PR and visibility aspects. Their websites need to be in order at all times to be effective. Listed below are top 4 mistakes to avoid when attorneys create their websites.

Non-ownership of domain name

The domain name speaks to the visitor like nothing else. There can be no compromise on this. Doing your legal business under some other attorney’s domain name will be extremely detrimental. It is important to think of an effective name that will convey your intent and scope to the visitor. It is a bad idea to be on a sub-domain as well. You need to own your own domain.

Inadequate legal information

Your website must have all relevant information on the legal front that a visitor gets upfront. There are hundreds of others competing with you. Make sure there are blogs and client testimonials properly classified in order for people to be convinced.

Not having own hosting

You are always at the mercy of the host site in this case. Remember it is very easy to have your website or content ‘disappear’ in case of any kind of dispute. The misery and negative impact this will have on your business is immense. Own your hosting instead at the most affordable budgets.

Out-of-date content

Update your website regularly to avoid being ignored by search engines. You want your website to feature at the top. Post regular updates about recent cases in order to sustain client interest. Of course, this helps in keeping your website in sight of search engines as well. This will help boost your visibility.

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