Top Five best Edmonton Neighborhoods to live in 2020

Top Five best Edmonton Neighborhoods to live in 2020


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The capital city of Alberta, Edmonton makes it preferable to live in it due to its great economy and job spikes. Although it does have a slight crime rate and some neighborhoods get a sign out. As to better income, better the living can be and in harmony. You might be lucky to step in the Edmonton Communities due to a job offer or a family shift. And there are great neighborhoods to give a try on. Well if you are searching for some good neighborhoods, here are the top five best Edmonton neighborhoods to live in 2020.

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One of the top neighborhoods of the Edmonton’s due to its compliance with the cafes and great culture to ensure better development. Local people are cool with the street systems rolling to the downtown with an intense cycling spot to enjoy for. Aside, if you are a professional person yourself, this is one of the most accustomed neighborhood. As the place dwells well with similar professionals and great families.

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Bonnie Doon:

The region is one of the south central Edmonton Communities quite popular for its poetry wise names and culture that follows. Clear on one side, the streets at Doon at quiet as dark, but holds a good number of families. The region is also quite familiar with singles living since life here is just great.  Modern objectives get fulfilled easily with the nearby stores, centers and pretty much every resource stop for everyone. Well, this is out of doubt. 



The best of the family neighborhoods, especially if you are a family person yourself, Crestwood will be just the very best place for you grow again. The greenery gets yellow and orange during the time of spring, but returns natural greenery again at the right time. Families and neighborhood resources are great to attain, with incredible hiking trails, trip options to enjoy and better bike paths. It also houses the Candy Cane Lane with its top class light displays.


Edmonton has Downtown which is the near perfect neighborhood for anyone who loves to be much more systematic in the new life. Forget systematic, in Edmonton, Downtown has everything which you would want in a pretty modern city from nightclubs to restaurants, cafes, discos and all things. It also has the Churchill Square and the Art gallery of Alberta that doesn’t leave you out of options which you might run out of to do. Downtown also gives you better opportunities for employment exchanges, so if you are moving here for the good, it’s definitely worth it.


A peculiar name to be judged, but it still ranks to be the best on south-east Edmonton and way better than similar neighborhoods. The region literally has access to Rivers, parks, valleys and whole bunch of open places to keep your mind occupied. Or just the right place if you are looking for hiking, jogging and health exercises. Hazeldean is also incredibly low and silent streets that just don’t sound but are also polite on one side. This is your right pick, if you want a health conscious guy.

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