Top Attractions of China Adventure Tour: Places should be on Bucket List


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With people showing more interest in the urban life of China, only a handful of travelers choose to explore offbeat places. This is, obviously, a boon for anyone who enjoys the sound of silence. Surrounding the alpine lakes and mighty mountain ranges, the beauty of the remote areas is surreal. Whether it is around DaochengYading or Mt. MinyaKonka, the ultimate natural beauty of the place is bound to take your breath away. When trekking around magical lands on earth, you can find a way to replenish your soul. It is an experience that is etched on your mind forever.

Moreover, backpacking around for the China adventure tour offers multiple reasons to reduce stress. You will return feeling content within and a camera full of exotic shots. What is more surprising is that nature helps you exercise easily. It feels a lot more comfortable when you surround yourself with greens. When trekking, you will not even realize how you crossed kilometers after kilometers without feeling exhausted. Altogether nature reinvigorates mental health and leaves you in a better mood.

So, do you see how beneficial the adventure tour can be? Here, we mention the top two tours that can offer life-changing experiences.

Trekking around DaochengYading

In the age of the internet, trekking enthusiasts are getting acquainted with remote areas. One of such places includes DaochengYading. The tour takes place in the surrounding places of barely-explored Shangri-La. You can camp out, go out for sightseeing, trek, and hold the enchanting beauty of nature close to your heart.

In the DaochengYading Nature Reserve, you will be transported into a magical world. Not every resident of Sichuan is quite familiar with the mysterious land where professional guides will take you to. Meanwhile, you can see the peaks, namely, Xiannairi, Yangmaiyong, and Xianuoduoji. Moreover, the peaks are regarded as holy to the locals. According to local belief, your wish will be fulfilled if you walk around the mountains thrice. 

Though the DaochengYading trek might seem challenging, it is the perfect way to purify your soul in the lap of nature. Vast pastures, crystal lakes, deep forests, and silver snow mountains – don’t pinch yourself too hard thinking you are in fairytale land.

Trekking around Mt. MinyaKonka

The China adventure tour organized by Team AbsolutePanda delivers a thrilling experience to mountain lovers around the world. On the Mt. MinyaKonka tour, you will see the Hengduan Mountains rising tall. Its highest peak, Mt. MinyaKonka, shines like diamonds as the sunlight brightens the area, gradually. This trip has become popular because of its extreme beauty, endemic animals and birds, and authentic minorities.

The stunning scenery and spectacular views from Zimei Mountain Pass and Riwuqie Mountain Pass will leave you in awe. The professional guides take you to some of the wildest areas for making sure a genuine camping experience. After all, it is quite adventurous to tour around 4,900 meters above sea level.

Apart from the mesmerizing view of Mt. MinyaKonka, other spellbinding attractions are waiting. Whether it is Kangding Love Song Scenic Spot or Konka Monastery, you will have a beautiful experience.

So, are you about to burst into excitement? Check out the itineraries of China nature travel or adventure tours for an exciting journey. Sign up now! 

Author bio: Rachel Wang is an active blogger, and she loves helping out travelers going on China nature travel. Here, she mentions the top attractions of the China adventure tour that you can’t afford to miss.

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