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3 Easy Tips That Calgary Engagement Photographers Should Keep in Mind


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An engagement is a special occasion in the lives of couples. And so, they want to mark this day by photographing some great photos. These photos capture a wonderful and exciting time, as they take the first step towards their future together. Being an engagement and wedding photographer, you would like to feel each client feel at ease, allowing their true personalities and relationships to be captured organically.

These photos start the legacy of a new journey. Years later the couples may go through the photos with their children or grandchildren and cherish the moments. So, you need to be very careful when capturing the photos. Here are a few tips that Calgary engagement photographers should always keep in mind –

Begin with a basic portrait session

What differentiates your photography styles from others is how well you take basic portraits from the engagement. You can start with some laid-back photo styles. It will help your clients get warmed up and used to the camera in a quiet location. Besides, it offers you a chance to assess your subject and check several details. These photos will look good if you choose the right background and lighting.

Carry the right gear

It is an important tip but you should also keep in mind that not everyone needs the same amount of equipment. Besides, not every shoot requires the same equipment. For example, if your style is more ‘lifestyle’, where you are finding locations with the ideal lighting and focusing on expressions, posing, and getting clean, crisp, and natural images, you may not need all of your flash gear, multiple lenses, and tripods. But if your style involves playing around with creative, off-camera flash, HDRs, and other techniques, you will require a lot of gear. Determine what kind of style you are going for before and plan accordingly.

Have a backup plan in mind

Irrespective of whether you are capturing engagement or wedding photos, you should have a backup plan in mind. For example, if you have thought of a beautiful story to show the chemistry of the couple through the photos, you need to be prepared with a second plan. What if your client does not like the story or the location is closed for some reason, or something else creates hindrance. Having a backup plan in mind, you can avoid sudden panic and have control over the situation. The possibility of getting kicked out, traffic, road closure, and inclement weather are also some vital things to consider in your engagement photography planning.

Besides, visiting fewer locations, staying flexible, providing proper instructions to the couple, switching shooting angles, encouraging interaction, etc. are some of the other tips that help you to be a better engagement photographer. You can also work as a Calgary boudoir photographer or wedding photographer. To know more, check our photographer’s gallery online.

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