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Spruce your Home With Custom Made Rugs


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Choose a custom rug if you need an excellent and unique idea to decorate your interior. Now the question is, what is a custom-made rug? This article will teach you about the most exciting type of rug complementing your interior.

What are the Custom Made Rugs:

These are handmade rugs followed by the exact procedure from the ancient period. Nowadays, everything is possible to make with the help of a machine. But custom-made rugs are authentic and handmade products by expertly skilled people. That is why these are the most expensive and demanding rugs in the market.

Types of Custom-Made Rugs:

There are several kinds of custom-made rugs available in the market. The mats can be categorised depending on the material, origin, and procedure. Mostrugs are classified because of their making process and origin. Let’s see the type of rug according to its making method.

Knotted Rugs: These kinds of rocks are the most expensive ones. These custom-made rugs always maintain the highest quality and price value. This kind of handmade rug needs a million knots to make it. The procedure is highly time-consuming and requires expert skills to make it.

Loomed Rugs: These are made with both the hand and machine and need a loo. That is why this kind of rock is also known as Handloom-Rug. These are also costly but take less time. Handloom rugs are thicker than other kinds.

Tufted Rugs: This kind is available in both handmade and machine-made varieties. The procedure of making this kind of custom-made rug is also different.

Stitched Rugs: these are also known as hair-on high rugs. The making procedure is familiar with the stitching of clothes. After the hem left parts are glued on the backside.

Based on the origin, The rugs can also be classified as:

Persian Rug: This kind of rug originates from Persia/ Iran. Colourful hand-knotted rugs are a speciality of Iran.Flowers and birds mainly inspire the design. One of the authentic custom-made rugs.

Kilim: This is another type of Persian rug but different from the hand-knotted one—flat woven carpet and hard.

Dhurrie: These are also flat woven rugs and have Indian origins. The identification of this kind of drug is white and blue stripe. Nowadays, several colour combinations in stripe patterns are also available.

Berber Rug: This has the origin of Morocco. It is a kind of woollen rug. The pattern of these rugs is geometric.

Oushak Carpet: This is also highly expensive and originates from Turkey. These are also authentic hand-knotted rugs like Persian rugs. This kind of rug follows no perfect pattern design.

Why Should You Choose A Custom-Made Rug For Your Interior?

When you are going to decorate your interior uniquely, then you should choose a custom-made rug. The question is when you have a machine-made rug option, then why should you choose this?Customer rugs are always preferable because of their exclusiveness. Style, design, and authentic materials are the plus point of this rug over the machine made. Let’s see what those are an advantage:

  • Decoration of ample space:

Custom-made rugs are a larger size than regular machine-made products. Sodecoratingan ample space with different kinds of rugs is always preferable. Also, if you cover a vast interior area with this kind of Rag, you do not need any other extra furniture to cover the space. These custom-made rugs are highly beneficial in making minimalistic but classic interiors. You only have to match the colour of your interior with these runs to look more fancy but classy.

  • Enhance the beauty of the interior:

The beauty of the interior depends on how you decorate. Decoration doesn’t mean you have to put modern furniture in many numbers. Good quality and beautiful custom-made rugs easily enhance the beauty. Not only that, but it also attracts guests, and they will surely praise your choice.

  • Ideal for every place:

Not only for the home interior, but these kinds of rocks are also ideal for any interior design, like hotel rooms andboats. You can also decorate your hotel room lobby with this kind of carpet.

  • Durability:

The durability is higher because these custom-made rugs are made with original products and have knotting. Proper maintenance allows you to maintain the Shine and quality long quickly enough.

There are several kinds of material available. You have to choose the right one for you.

  • Customisable:

This part of these kinds of rugs is customised. The facility is not possible in case of machine made. Depending on the authentic design event style, the carpet is according to your choice. Starting from the design and a colour combination, all can be customisable on your order. So you do not have to do too much to decorate the interior with the rug.

Now decorate your interior with the best custom-made rug and make it classy. This article will give you all the necessary details about the custom-made drug. So. visit the best custom rug store online and offline to buy the best.

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