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Smart Home Gadgets: General Information on Recent Models


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Are you a working woman who is always fascinated by smart home gadgets and new technology? Then this article on smart home gadgets – general information on recent models is for you. Do you want to buy and decorate your home with the smart gadgets? Good idea! In this article, you will get to know fantastic details about various devices such as smart lights, security systems and more. Please note, majority of the mentioned gadgets work in tandem with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to make day-to-day activities easier.

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Smart Home Gadgets

You may want to cut down on your daily manual tasks. So, we have gone to extreme measures and given info on smart home gadgets to decorate your new home. 

When the Internet of Things, Home Automation was first introduced, the gadgets were not too technically superior. But with the passage of time, the mistakes have been refined. You find plenty of reasons to upgrade your normal electronic models with the new smart home appliances.

The smart home gadgets have not only revolutionized the lifestyle of people by reducing manual tasks, but are also adorning the homes of even middle class people in India. The gadgets are expensive, no doubt. But they also reduce the everyday tasks. 

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Okay, now let us get down to business. Shall we focus on the smart home gadgets you can use to decorate your home?

Smart Locks

A. Smart Home Gadgets : August Smart Lock Pro

Smart Home Gadgets: General Information on Recent Models 1
Image from @crutchfield

If you have an own home, the most important factor to focus is security. Else, why would you need the locks for the main door? With advancements in technology, it is quite natural, new locks have been devised to guarantee the safety of your family members. You have

various smart lock models such as August Smart Lock and the Home Kit models. This model has some new features such as Wifi Connectivity, Doorsense Technology and compatibility to Alexa, Siri and even Google Assistant. It is a bit expensive, but you can count the model as the best in the business.

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Do you want to install the smart lock in your home? Okay, let us assume a situation. You stay with your spouse, two children and old parents in Pune. To ensure the security of your parents when nobody is at home, you have thought of installing August Smart Lock Pro. 

You bought the model and want to install in your home. You are proficient in working with electrical appliances in home. So, you try to install by the DIY method, and got the desired result. But somehow, you felt that the wiring has got damaged. So, you needed to hire an electrician to check if there is no damage to the wires.

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You searched for the best company offering home services in Pune and downloaded the app. The reason, you know these companies had the best electrician in Pune in their payrolls. You went through the profiles, selected the best one, and placed a request. You had a conversation and asked him to come to your home in quick time. He came and fixed the problem. The Smart Lock Pro is working fine. You are also at ease as your old parents can stay secure in the home. 

B. Smart Home Gadgets – ADT Pulse

Smart Home Gadgets: General Information on Recent Models 2
Image from @adt

Have you heard about the ADT brand? It is a household name in developed countries. Yes, it is more expensive when compared to a normal security system, but its features outshine the cost. You have customer support and monitoring facility all round the clock. The model has taken a good rating from home improvement experts. It can also be used as a platform for controlling other smart home gadgets.

Smart Heating and Cooling

C. Smart Home Gadgets – Ecobee4

Smart Home Gadgets: General Information on Recent Models 3
Image from @theverge

The name suits the model. In short, the device is a thermostat that can help manage cold/hot spots in the room. The previous model had won an award for its sleek design and other features. You have the sensors to check the hot/cold spots in a room. The other features are – it can control smart devices on your home. You can play music and get to know about the recent weather. The greatest benefit – you do not have to do the manual task. You can use your voice to make the device do the job.

D. Smart Home Gadgets – Nest Learning Thermostat

Smart Home Gadgets: General Information on Recent Models 4
Image from store.google.com

Shall we call the first version of the Nest Thermostat model as a superior device? In the recent model, making use of the WiFi, it is possible to modify the temperature settings from your PC, tablet or phone.

The new model has other features such as a furnace monitor and geofencing support. Do you feel that the price of the model is too expensive? Then there is an alternative in the form of Thermostat E model. You can buy the model for a lower price.

E. Smart Home Gadgets – Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb White and Color

Image from @techhive
Image from @techhive

Okay, you may have several smart home gadgets in your home. But when guests come to the house, you need to activate them. Which is the best smart gadget that can make your guests take easy notice? It is lighting. Correct? You can make the smart bulbs change to various colors. Try the Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb. Yes, they are expensive, but it helps you choose the colors. And you do not need a hub to command the device. Even a voice assistant such as Google Assistant and Alexa will suffice.

F. Smart Home Gadgets – Ecobee Switch+

Image from @ecobee.com

You may have heard about many smart home products, but how about a smart switch? Surprised to the core? You have the Ecobee Switch. It is more than a wall switch. In fact, you can control the device with a mobile app. Have you tried Amazon Echo? It can do every activity that the Amazon Echo can do. Ecobee Switch can give information on weather, sports, music, and even control other smart devices. If you have a Ecobee thermostat, it will double up as remote room sensor. 

G. Smart Home Gadgets – iRobot Roomba i7+

Smart Home Gadgets: General Information on Recent Models 5
Image from @techhive

A vacuum cleaner is always necessary for any home. And if you have a robot cleaner with a smart application, the cleaning work gets easier. The Roomba i7+ is the best model for robot vacuum cleaner. It works in tandem with Amazon Alexa as well as Google Voice Assistant. It also has adaptive navigation with camera. And the greatest advantage, the device can empty its own dustbin. Yes, it is expensive. But you do not have to do any sort of manual tasks in the home. The robot vacuum cleaner does the job for you. 

H. Smart Home Gadgets – Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Smart Home Gadgets: General Information on Recent Models 6
Image from @digitaltrends

We have spoken about many electronic appliances, but have given no info about beds. Oh! Can an electronic or software application be fitted to a bed? Yes. Let us talk about the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed. It has excellent features in the form of biometric sensors. The bed is connected to an app. You can download the application to view your sleep patterns. 

Smart Outdoor Gadgets

I. Smart Home Gadgets – Polaris 9650iQ

Smart Home Gadgets: General Information on Recent Models 7
Polaris 9650iQ

Do you have a large house with a swimming pool? Then you need to clean the pool at least every month. And yes, you have the robotic pool cleaners to help your task. You may have heard about the Polaris 9550 Sport model. The new version does have even additional features such as WiFi connectivity and mobile app. You can control the cleaner from smartphone. Do you have a large family and everyone uses the swimming pool? Then you should buy this expensive Polaris 9650iQ model.

Smart Lighting

J. Smart Home Gadgets – Philips Hue Family

Smart Home Gadgets: General Information on Recent Models 8
Image from @amazon

Till date, you have had bulbs in your home which displayed light in only a certain colour. You bought a yellow color bulb. But now you have the smart light bulbs (Philips Hue Family). These bulbs can work with every voice controlled device such as Alexa, Siri and many more. And you can change the color of the bulbs as per the need. If you are not interested to use colorful lights, but want to use more of the white color, you have an alternative. You can make use of the Hue White model as it has a lesser price.


There are also smart home gadgets such as Smart Sprinkler Controller (Rachio 3), Automower 315 X (Husqvarna). The list will go on and on. Hope you have gained information about the recent technology gadgets in the market today. If you want to keep yourselves updated about the recent technology events, then subscribe to our newsletter.

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