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Effective communication: increase communication skills via chatting app


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The ability to communicate is an essential skill that ensures high-quality relationships not only between close people but also with colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. In this article, we will describe in detail what sociability is and suggest a way of increasing the quality of communication using the chatting app.

What is sociability?

Sociability is the ability to establish contact with the interlocutor, the ability to quickly adapt to an unfamiliar environment, a new working environment. If important negotiations are going to be held soon, you may not know how to express your thoughts and convey your point of view to your interlocutor. You may feel constrained in a conversation with an opponent, hesitate to express even a speech prepared in advance, so misunderstanding, omissions, and even conflicts might occur.

It would seem extremely simple to say what you think, but while you choose the right words – their meaning is lost. How can one develop sociability and learn to conduct a conversation? Fortunately, psychologists have developed many practices and pieces of training that help to become an excellent speaker.

What is a sociable person? He/She has the following features:

  • He/she pursues a specific goal, knows how to inspire confidence and find compromises
  • Manipulation is easy for him/her because he/she knows how to change the conversation, moving from one style to another
  • He/She behaves confidently and easily finds a topic for conversation both in real-life and conversation via any chatting app
  • He/She can easily find a common language with the interlocutor of any age, social status and nationality
  • The quality of conversation of such an interlocutor differs from idle chatter; he possesses useful and curious information and also knows how to present it vividly
  • Feedback and the opinion of the other side is always important to him/her because he/she perceives communication as a creative process

A sociable person is capable of speaking without preparation for an audience. It is a person who knows how to not only win the attention of listeners but also to manage it.

What is the difference between sociability and communicativeness?

Confusion in meaning often makes the terms mysterious, so let us separate and define them. Communicativeness is one of the components of sociability and contact, that is not innate, but an acquired skill that can be improved, throughout life. It is the ability to convey information, feelings, emotions, and conclusions in an accessible form and also to perceive information, to experience empathy for the interlocutor, the ability to understand and empathize.

Communicativeness is a set of such qualities as:

  • Non-verbal communication
  • Management of emotions, for example, anger
  • Active listening
  • Understanding the emotions of the opponent
  • Ability to express and defend your point of view

Reasons to develop communication skills:

  1. An outgoing person achieves great success in life and career, fully realizes himself as a person in all spheres of activity. Thanks to communication skills, a good speaker is more likely to achieve his goal.
  2. The ability to easily maintain contact contributes to the acquisition of a wide range of useful and friendly ties.
  3. A person who knows how to find a common language with any person quickly resolves conflicts, shows the flexibility of thinking and understanding.

Want to be successful – start from installing a chatting app

In professional activities, sociability is of great importance, and people who acquire this skill are irreplaceable. The sociable employee enjoys authority among colleagues, he/she can set high professional goals and knows how to achieve what he wants. To develop this skill, we strongly recommend you download NEEO Messenger and chat with your friends and even strangers more often. Practice and when you improve communicative skills, they will come in handy in every part of your life!

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