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How to improve productivity by beef cattle management software?


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In today’s challenging environment many farmers are striving hard in between cow-calf operations, household responsibilities and much more. To have both ends meet, they are even juggling between two jobs that hinders their capability to continuously monitor the cow-calf operations at the farms. To address all these challenges many farmers can adopt beef cattle management software to help them maintaining the records of cattle operations in the farm that includes; boosting conception rates, monitoring calving periods and reducing them, optimizing the performance of skilled labor and eventually having more productivity. 

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Many farmers are struggling with meeting the requirements of their household and thus working part-time as well to feed their families. In absence of these workers there might be important events happening in the herd that has an impact on the beef cattle productivity in terms of its meat and milk yield. For herd management you may have more skilled labors in the field who can easily detect heat in the cow cattle and ensure more productivity than last year, but still results are disappointing? This gives rise to many queries in mind that alerts someone to be more watchful in herd operations. In this particular situation, there are just a couple of cows conceived by now and others are still not close to conception. Therefore, it is a high time to look at the monitoring of your cow-calf operations through beef cattle management software. 

The demand for animal protein has been increasing with the increase in population across the world. Due to ever increasing demand it is important to digitalize the beef cattle management software to timely meet those demands. 

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Beef Cattle Management Software for Sustainable Future

 By adopting the smart ways to manage beef cattle can produce optimum results for cow-calf production. The model of beef cattle management used sensors and tags for animal identification and each event of herd can be recorded for key performance indicators this includes; feed conversion ratio, animal health and mortality, reproduction, productivity, environmental impact, use of resources and output.

Do More with Less  

Beef cattle management software provides effective and comprehensive details that consisted of cattle identification and monitoring solutions. This is an efficient method to collect and gather the information of the animal via sampling tags and collectors and the use of methods such as Electronic Identification and applicators so that health and wellbeing of animal can be tracked on time.

Another important aspect of identification and monitoring solution is the heat detection to mitigate the calving time duration of dairy cows and to increase the milk yield per animal that eventually helps in productivity of animal protein and their reproduction. 

Strategic Approach through Beef Cattle Management 

As aforementioned keeping in mind the proliferating demand of animal based protein for the future generations, farmers need to look out for the strategic method to keep up with those demands. Beef cattle management software and all livestock management software are designed to introduce the effective and efficient results but these considerations are still open to research and more innovations in technology. To make sure the yield production is up to the mark, we need to have a close monitoring on animal feed to their food conversion ratio and the emissions they radiate to the ecosystem. This is can be operationalize with the use of Electronic Identification tags (EID) and other monitoring solutions.

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