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How to recolor a picture? Reveal the two best ways


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Do you know that there are some awesome ways to recolor a picture? For example, you can convert a colored image to black and white photo version very easily. At the same time, you can even convert black and white photos to colored versions as well. In this way, you can actually play around with your pictures.

So, what are you looking for today? Are you looking for a way to convert colored photo to black and white version? Or, are you searching for the vice-versa solution? Well, please keep reading as both things are covered in this article.

How to convert colored photo to black and white version? 

For the first case, if you wish to convert colored photo to black and white version, you can use Fotor Color Slash. It’s really great software to apply grayscale and black and white color effects to any image. This is an online photo editor that does not need any installation. You can use this tool to create great contrast effects between colored photos and black and white images. This way, you can easily create dramatic photo effects. 


Considering the above benefits, if you now want to use this tool to create black and white photos, then please keep reading and reveal the steps that you should follow.

How to use Fotor Color Slash to make black and white photos?

Fotor Color Slash is an easy to use tool. All you will need to follow the below-mentioned steps so that you can use the tool without a problem.

Step#1: Since this is an online tool, you will need to visit the official website of Fotor Color Slash first.

Step#2: On the tool interface, you will find the Open button. Please click on that. It will allow you to browse through the available options and upload a photo that you wish to change the color of the photo.

Step#3: Once your photo is uploaded, you can now apply the Color Splash effect. For example, you can choose any particular area that you wish to highlight. Or, you may add the color effects on the entire image. To choose the area that you wish to change the color, you can use the “Brush Size” option. And, you can even use the “Intensity” option to decrease the color effects.

Step#4: You may even add various other color effects to an image 

using this tool and get truly incredible results.

Step#5: Finally, you can save the finished work once you are done with all your changes.

How to convert black and white photo to colored version?

In the previous sections, you have learned how to create black and white photos from a colored image. Now, alternatively, you will even have the option to convert black and white photos to colored versions as well. 

To colorize your black and white images, Picture Colorizer is the most recommended tool for you. With its artificial intelligence, machine learning, and pattern recognition technology, the tool is ready to help you colorize black and white photos. The tool is surely easy to use and it offers high-quality results.

How to use Picture Colorizer to colorize black and white photos?

Picture Colorizer is an excellent tool that is extremely easy to use.

Step#1: To use the tool, please download it from the official website of Picture Colorizer. Please install the tool once it is downloaded. It will now be ready to use.

Step#2: Please click on the ‘Add Images’ option now to upload the black and white photos.


Step#3: Please click on the ‘Colorize!’ option to colorize your black and white images.


Step#4: Please feel free to change various parameters of your image if needed. Once done, please save your changes. For that, please click on the Save As button.

Here is the result:


The Final Verdict

You have now revealed two options to recolor any picture. To summarize, if you need to make a black and white photo from a colored photo, then please use Fotor Color Slash. 

Alternatively, when you need to convert black and white photos to colored versions, then you are highly recommended to use Picture Colorizer. Picture Colorizer surely offers the best possible results when it comes to colorizing any type of b&w photos.

So, please feel free to play around with these two tools and you can switch between b&w photos and colored images so easily.

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