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How Do You Make A Logo For Your WordPress Site? Our Tips


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A site that will be profitable must be popular, recognizable and understandable. The company sign, the emblem, which will be associated with your creation, plays an important role. How do you make a website logo? What do you need to know and which rules do you follow? Let’s try to find out now.

What is a logo and why is it necessary?

The logo is a compact graphic image created to represent the company, brand, organization, website, individual, or product. To make a logo right for your site, you need to understand its main tasks:

  • Recognition;
  • Memorability within the target group;
  • Originality;
  • Compliance with the cases.

According to LogoVenture, the scope of its use is not only limited to your WordPress website, for which it was developed. It must be present in advertisements, on the packaging, when you sell, on the clothes of the employees, when you offer services – at any time if it is in any way related to your organization. Remember, even the lack of an alphabetical part doesn’t get in the way of building a clear connection with the site, brand, or company.

Based on this, it is safe to say that you cannot save money on the quality of the logo. It must be of very high quality, professionally selected with attention to the smallest details.

The best logo design for the site will allow you to create a complex impact and perform multiple functions at the same time:

  • Increasing the recognition of the company, goods and services, creating a positive image and, as a result, increasing the loyalty of existing and potential customers;
  • Emphasizing a profitable brand against direct competitors, increasing the distance between them, emphasizing their own characteristics and advantages;
  • Protection against counterfeiting, confirmation of ownership of the idea, product, quality assurance of the products sold;
  • Creation of the corporate identity, presentation of the main visual component.

Today almost every company and organization, product and brand has its own logo, so it is difficult for beginners to come up with something new and unique. Let’s try to figure out what’s important to pay particular attention to.

What kind of logo suits my WordPress site?

The design of the website logo must be developed according to a number of requirements and rules. Sure, there is a creative component, but the “skeleton” plays the main role. So, there are 5 rules for a good logo.


This may be the first thing you should pay attention to. Even though there are millions of logos, you have to come up with something yourself. Copying competitors’ ideas, even if you manage to hit certain heights in your niche, isn’t going to do anything good. Your proposal must be unique, and then they will pay attention to it.


Such a logo is simple enough to remember, is always understandable and readable, regardless of size and location. It is interesting that the human eye sees the simplest and lightest images of the total mass. If you have such a logo, it can be seen on a shelf among other goods, and on the Internet among hundreds of competitor ads, and while moving from the window of a car traveling at 70 km / h.

Compliance with the field of business

Of course, it is very good when the user immediately understands the business through the logo on the site. That’s why you have to work hard for such a result. However, this is not the main point. A large number of well-known companies do not use pictograms that directly identify their field in their business sign. For example, BMW does not use a photo of a car, and Hawaiian Airlines does not use an airplane.

Regarding the surveys among entrepreneurs, they gave the following results:

  • 44% of the respondents do not consider the correspondence between the field of business and the logo icon to be crucial, but desirable
  • 40% are sure that this alone makes the logo “work”
  • 16% do not think it matters.


Due to the fact that mobile gadgets are becoming more and more popular, you need to create such a logo for the site so that it can be easily adapted to the size of the screen on which the notification is made. A user must immediately understand whether he / she has visited your site or visited a clone page.


When creating a business sign you have to think about whether it will still be relevant after 5, 10, 20 years. To achieve this, try not to be fashionable, otherwise your logo will lose its popularity, and the change could lead to the loss of a large number of customers.

Types of logos

Before considering ideas for creating a logo for the site, it’s worth understanding the issues of the types, shapes, and styles of business signs. The entire diversity can be systematized and divided into 5 groups. Let’s take a look at each of them in detail.

Textual logo

Textual logos

This type is used by sites with short and concise names. The stylized business font (letters) is selected depending on the preferences of the brand owner. Also, for originality, small graphic elements that look like letters can be used instead of the letters in word.

The main elements of such a logo can be: individual words from the name of the company, artificially created words, abbreviations, letters and numbers.


Symbolic logos

It is a fairly common form that is an abstract symbol. Such a logo is easy to remember by the customers, creating an associative series with a particular brand, company.


Logos of this type contain characters that convey the name by means of first letters, initials. It is used by sites and companies whose owners believe the initials will tell more about their products or services than the full name.


How Do You Make A Logo For Your WordPress Site? Our Tips 5

Combined logos

Both characters and text can be used to create them. The advantages of this type are clear. Here the graphic component is responsible for visual perception: it makes the logo unforgettable, and the text component names the company.


Emblems as logo

Such a website logo is the most complex version of a brand name. Its function is to draw the location of the company name, drawing, symbol (it all depends on what the brand owner has chosen) in a special technique.

When talking about the shapes, according to a study conducted in 2015, the most popular are:

  • Rectangles – 50% of companies chose these for their logo
  • Squares – about 22% of businesses
  • Circles and ovals – 20%.

8% of the processed companies have no business sign at all.

In addition, there is a ring that radiates persistence, curvature – plasticity, flexibility, adaptability, a triangle – knowledge and strength, lines. Their vertical direction indicates endurance, and horizontal – rest.

What to consider when creating a logo

While choosing and combining words with pictures, it is important to consider some of the nuances of choosing a font, color and symbols.

A font is an important element of the logo, on which the legibility, perception, and understanding of the message depend. Here are the categories:

  • Serif – small strokes placed at the ends of the elements when changing the line width;
  • Sans serif – regular shape, straight lines;
  • Handwritten – it can be partly used to capitalize the logo;
  • Typed – an imitation of the letters of a typewriter; they are easy to combine with the rest, which is why they are used very often;

As for color, the examples show that the best colors in the world are blue (33% of global brands), red (29%) and black or black and white (28% of successful logos). To choose the shade for your brand, use the infographic. It must be appropriate for your site, accurately characterize the service or product being sold, and be different from a direct competitor’s color.

How to make a logo for your site: Best services

To create your own logo for the site, you can use online generators. There are hundreds of them on the network. The easiest to use that give good results are the following.

  1. DesignIconic A leader among online generators. This allows you to design a logo and adapt it to your taste. You can choose from a large number of fonts and images. There is the possibility to select icons in line with your company profile. Different proposed rates will make it possible for everyone to choose the option that best suits him or her. There is a paid version with advanced functionality.
  1. Canva allows for a quick creation of a standard logo. A simple yet relevant and beautiful business sign can be reached in 5 minutes.
  2. TAILOR BRANDS is a generator that allows you to get ready-to-use solutions in a few clicks. Using the program you can generate a logo and instantly check how it will look on the site, printed, and on branded products (cups, pens, T-shirts).


Knowing how to make a website logo, you can develop your own business sign for a web resource following all the rules and functions of marketing. Most importantly, your potential and real customers like it. Set goals and strive to achieve them.

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