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Good and Bad Sides of Listening to the Best Hip Hop Songs


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It is true that hip hop songs face a lot of backlashes. Let’s just blurt it out; it is not everyone’s cup of tea! However, there is still a group of people who have a hard time to grasp the positive and negative impacts of hip hop songs. If you take a look around the entertainment world, you can see that the hip hop industry has influenced various fronts. From fashion to art, music has a widespread effect. The hip hop songs are definitely creativity if you pay close attention to them. In case, you are trying to acknowledge the good and bad of this genre, keep reading.

The most remarkable thing about a hip hop song is its accessibility. Apart from the human voice, there is no necessity of other musical instruments. Even if you have never taken any music lessons, you can carry on. Obviously, you should have the special talent to rap. To many people, the songs are only gibberish. However, people who are not paying enough attention are only going on with such remarks. But nevertheless, some of the songs actually go on glorifying violence. Hence, the music is not perfect for every scene. So, isn’t it interesting to think about how the same genre has good and bad impacts? To know more, go through the rest of the article.

Giving a Hope of Ray to the Youth

Most of the hip hop artists coming from the different African-American communities face poverty, racial discrimination, and obstacles while growing up. Their story of growing up in the hood and emerging as the top artists can give many people hope for better lives. For example, a teenager facing excruciating problems can get through his/her struggles by listening to some of the best hip hop songs. Many of the top hits are about the challenges faced during childhood.

Casual Glorification of Violence

Gangsta rap is a popular section in hip hop music. As the name suggests, this sub-genre actually goes on about criminal activities. Moreover, many of the songs are seen to degrade women. It is generally seen because black youths consider the glorification of violence as cool. A deeper analysis of the song will reveal that there have been numerous curse words used. This negative aspect has spread like a wildfire and many artists are forced to use curse words for the sake of popularity. Of course, it depends on the listeners how they can perceive the songs. However, the result is often negative because they end up imitating their favorite artists.

In the end, you should remember that many of the hip hop artists have successfully spread social awareness among the communities. As there is gangsta rap, there are positive messages in the songs too. Many of the rappers are vocal against social problems through their music. For this very reason, if you wish to get a sneak peek how the good exists in the hip hop industry, you should watch videos online now.

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