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FlexClip Review: Allow You to Create High-quality Presentation Videos


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With the development of technology, art is becoming more accessible. Nowadays, everyone can try himself in the role of a musician, photographer, and director. Now you can do without any special equipment and complex programs. In order to create good amateur videos, it’s enough to have a PC, a Chrome browser, and inspiration at hand.

Today I want to share with you a simple-to-use online editor, FlexClip. With the help of which you can make amateur videos for your customers and partners. The interface of FlexClip video editor is incredibly simple and convenient. You will find that the capabilities of the tool allow you to create high-quality presentations no worse than professional agencies.

The editing steps presented below will help you create a good interactive video presentation about your company, product or project from scratch. 

After we start the FlexClip on Chrome, the main window is as follows. We will start by uploading video material to the service. To do this, on the “+” tab of the storyboard, you can click the Add Local Media button.

Through Explorer, find the photos or images you need on the computer, select them and click “Open. ” Now it is available to arrange the video material in the desired order. To do this, click on one of them with the left mouse button and drag it to the desired position.

FlexClip video editor

Now, let’s make beautiful transitions between videos. You can click on the first video clips to place the marker between the first and second. On the transition tab, it is available to select the one you like. The fact that there is a transition between the videos will be indicated by a funnel-shaped between the first and second video clips.

FlexClip video editor

In addition to the transition, you can make the video change through Zoom or Rotate. At the same time, the photo will appear on the screen in a selected way – moving smoothly, decreasing, or increasing.

Now, you can go to click on the “music” button. From the audio library of FlexClip, you can select the appropriate item. Of course, you can also find the desired audio file on your computer and click “Open. ” Then you need to press the microphone button, the video will start playing, and you say the desired text. When done, click Stop, and it will be added to the video automatically.

FlexClip video editor

You can also add titles, captions, and other information to the created video. To do this, click on the desired button on the “simple text” or “dynamic text” tab. In the text box, you can enter what you need. And then, it is possible to select the font and size, adjust the outline, color for the text, the appearance effect. By holding on the text-box, you can move the selected object to any other place in the video.

FlexClip video editor

When all things finished, you can click on the rightmost button and select “Export video” from the menu. In the list that opens, various downloading resolution options will be presented.

FlexClip video editor

As you can, everything is so simple that any person can figure it out. In conclusion, FlexClip is the perfect solution for marketers and small business owners, as you can make great marketing videos that are perfect for presenting products or services.

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