Relationship with your Partner and yourself

Five ways to have a Better Relationship with your Partner and yourself


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Relationship is a beautiful bonding and connection of love with your significant other. Relationships are precious and require special attention from each side to make it grow strong and long-lasting. A relationship has ups and downs, special moments and memories to reminisce and live with. However, to save this precious ship from sinking, both the partners have to give their best and make sacrifices or compromise from both ends to make it possible. There are many ways to make your love grown strong and healthy. In today’s article, we will cover some important ways you can adopt that beautiful relationship.

Being emotionally connected:

Being in a relationship does not only mean you have to talk it also means you have to be emotionally connected. Making your partner feel loved will make them value your existence and respect you. Both of you have to make sure that you are showing a sense of love and emotions towards each other. There is no healthy bonding without emotions and your relationship might crumble. Maintaining an emotional connection will help you both in keeping troubles away and making it stronger.

Resolving conflicts:

It is often seen that couples have fought and sometimes it keeps on going because none of them agrees to what the other has to say or try realizing their mistakes. This causes a negative impact on the relationship and it is important to express something that bothers you and to be fearless while doing it. This causes an understanding and resolving of conflicts making a relationship more strong and lasting.

Don’t keep your expectations high.

One of the worst mistakes couples make is expecting too much from their partner and getting disappointed when things turn out differently. To avoid this you can have a life outside of your relationship, go to parties with friends, have fun, meet with the family. Keep your social interactions alive and do what you like to do. This is one way you can be happy and stop putting pressure on your partner. It will help you grow a good and healthy relationship.


Most of the relationships drown because of poor communication or no communication at all. Always keep in mind that honesty is the best policy so being honest and confessing your likes and dislikes, desires and fears from both sides will make it so much comfort and a healthy relationship will start to form. Expert program leader for the Landmark Forum (formerly Landmark Education) and others believes that communication is not only talking or body language but also listening is one of the most important aspects of communication.

Spending time together:

Spending quality time with your partner can help in so many ways for a better relationship. Texting and calling are okay but when you meet with your partner to sit in a coffee shop and listen to each other, it creates a positive vibe and emotional impact in the relationship. You both can fall in love over and over again if you spend time together; it is a spiritual bonding as well.

There are many ways how you can make your relationship healthy and last longer, some of the best ways are mentioned above. Following these ways will make it better and healthier. Always respect each other’s opinions.

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