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Emotional barriers in communication

Emotional barriers in communication and how to overcome them


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For a lot of people out there, simple things such as having a conversation is a tedious and anxiety-inducing task, be it face to face or through an Instant Messaging AppFormer more so than the latter. Everyone has been in a situation where their emotions get the best of them, making them unable to communicate effectively if at all. It can be problematic and uncomfortable for everyone involved. Fortunately, there are ways you can cope with this and keep yourself in check. 

Use an Instant Messaging App

Apps such as NEEO provide you with a screen to talk through. Using these apps means you do not have to feel the pressure of direct communication. If you can’t see or hear the person on the other end, you reduce the risk of stress and overstimulation and have the time and space to formulate a response. Sometimes it is easier to write a thing down before communicating them. Not only does this allow you to self-reflect on what you are trying to say, but help you be more expressive. Most people who fear judgment tend to sugarcoat and dull down what they want to say. Using a messenger helps them remove the fear of immediate repercussions and be free with their words. On the other hand, people with anger-related issues tend to have outbursts where they say hurtful and damaging things. It could potentially ruin their relationships and destroy their reputation. No one likes unpleasant company. Talking through a messenger can help them self-reflect and cool down before they say what they want to. It helps them communicate effectively and efficiently without causing themselves or anyone else any harm.

Relaxation exercises

People with anxiety can face difficulty in public speaking, confrontations, or even conversations. It prevents them from day to day tasks and keeps them from performing to their potential. No matter how good you are at something, if you can’t effectively get your idea across, you will gain no merit for it. Realizing the importance of one’s voice is monumental to every aspect of their lives. Adopting relaxation exercises in their daily routine can help keep their anxiety at bay so they can speak for themselves. If you do them enough, these exercises become a natural part of your daily routine and prove to be a long term solution to your anxious nature. Given enough practice, you will start to feel the difference if your mood and behavior. Moreover, this will reflect well on how people treat you. Not only will you gain merit for your achievements but also be taken seriously by those around you. 

Keep your pride in check

People who have ego related issues can have a lot of pride when it comes to talking. They may feel that they are above a certain situation or deserve to be treated better. Although not entirely a bad this, if this goes unchecked, can turn into a massive hindrance in the way they communicate. These issues usually stem from trauma or insecurities. The best way to deal with it is to identify why you feel a certain way about things and what stops you from certain conversations and work backward. Realizing your insecurities is a big step towards trying to be better. Once you become self-aware, you can formulate ways to work through your problems or even seek professional help. Practice humility and understand that people are people, just like you. Learn to accept that people can be better at something than you. Everyone has their strengths, and you can’t bear the burden of being the best at everything.

Mind your words

Words can have a lot of power. Be it oral or written, the pen is always mightier than the sword. So always think before you put them out there. They tend to avalanche out of control. What you mean and the state of mind you say things in will not always be perceived that way. Your words can be turned against you. So before you end up in such a situation, learn to be thoughtful and mindful of what you say to people. Being too harsh may hurt them and permanently damage your relationship with them. On the other hand, being meek and neutral may give people space to take advantage of you. It is ok if you are not right all the time, as long as you are aware of the effect your words have on those around you. It is something that will always pay off, no matter what the situation. So every time you are in a stressful or triggering situation, take a few moments to gather yourself and choose your words carefully. 

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