Email Security: A Guide to Keeping your Inbox Safe Today

Email Security: A Guide to Keeping your Inbox Safe Today


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Emails are considered to be one of the most trusted forms of communication. You usually share personal as well as professional information via emails to your contacts most of the time. However, nowadays, emails have become of the most prominent targets for hackers and interceptors as well. All the various banks, hospitals, and even the social media sites communicate with the help of emails only. It is hard to differentiate as to what is true and safe through mails and what is simply a scam. Although, emails today try their best to avoid spa mails, but still some hackers find their way in our inboxes which can cost us a lot.

There are majorly three types of threats that our email inbox can face. One is the email threat, second is the inbox threat, and third is the transit threat. Email threats are usually handled in two ways. One of them is making sure that they are protected against attacks and the other one is to make sure that they are protected against interception. This is very important so that your email information does not get in the wrong hands.

The second types of threats which are faced include inbox threats. These are not only limited to emails but also your text inbox, or any kind of other inbox that you have. Mostly your inbox is targeted by phishing attacks and schemes. A lot of email websites help you in restraining your inbox from such attacks. However, sometimes even the smartest website fall short. Mostly the email websites such as Gmail have a spam folder in which you can be sure that phishing attacks and schemes emails will also be put and you will be lesser prone to risk.

Phishing attacks usually mean that you will get a mail from an attacker who wishes to access your personal information. That mail will have a link and if you click on that link, your system or mail can be hacked and also attacked by a troublesome virus too. The last but not the least kind of threat is transit threat. In this type of threat, there is a chance of third party interference. It is also called as the man in the middle attack or MitM. This is similar to the concept of eavesdropping. One way to resolve is this that you must make sure that the email website you are suing has end to end encryption facility. In this way you can make sure that the information your share remains between you and the person with whom you are sharing it and not others. Many tech innovators like Thierry Levasseur are working to improve today’s e-mail communications security and functionality. A primary area of Vancouver based tech entrepreneur Thierry LeVasseur focus has centered on e-mail communications.

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