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Images on writing on the internet are believed to be able to increase visibility or engagement. This is evidenced by several studies that reveal that posts with images are more likely to be clicked by visitors.

Of course, the reason returns to the mechanical nature of the eye, which is more quickly focused on the combination of shapes and colors than writing alone.

I’ve tried this. I created two posts simultaneously, with the same content, and to the same audience. The result is that posts with images do generate better engagement than just writing.

The Importance of Images in an Article

This also applies to bloggers who hope that the links shared on social media also have better engagement. Yes, include an image that is also interesting in the feature image. So that when shared, the image appears on social media along with the blog link below.

If the image doesn’t appear when uploaded on Facebook, for example, it could be that the system hasn’t detected the image. Please take advantage of the Facebook debug feature.

Returning to the matter of the importance of images in an article on a blog, be it a featured image or a supporting image and an infographic, this image must be made as attractive as possible.

Unfortunately, not everyone has expensive software for processing images to make them attractive. The software in question is usually used for those who are in the world of graphic design.

So that some bloggers take advantage of free pirated software, so, about this, I have the latest recommendations for editing images. Since some bloggers are accustomed to being online, this software is also based on sites that must be accessed online.

Online Image Edit

This online image editing is indeed made for those who want to be practical in making supporting images or illustrations for articles because there are so many ready-to-use templates to support the making of the image or picture earlier.

Starting from the ready-to-use text, font selection, various shapes, illustrations, photos, and templates, you can choose according to taste. Multiple posts on multiple digital platforms are also available.

The disadvantage of online image editing is that it cannot be used if you experience network problems, especially if you are not connected to the internet. Because to access its resources, a good internet connection is required.

This website-based online image editing application is a sensible choice, considering how expensive offline image editing applications are entirely mainstream. For that, I’m trying out the online image editing application DesignCap.

About DesignCap.com

DesignCap is an online image editing site developed by PearlMountain. The company, based in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, is developing various digital tools that are varied in the creative industry.

PearlMountain developed FotoJet for editing photos, DesignEvo for creating logos, FlexClip for editing videos, and what we are currently discussing is DesignCap.

Edit Images Online Easily with DesignCap 1

Windows users can also download several PearlMountain software products, namely Picture Collage Maker Pro, CollageIt, Image Converter, and Greeting Card Builder.

If you are a Mac user, then there are many more tools available. Some of them are Picture Collage Maker for Mac, CollageIt for Mac, Publisher Plus for Mac, Watermark Plus for Mac, Posterist for Mac, Scrapbook Crafter for Mac, PicLight for Mac, VideoGIF for Mac, PicGIF for Mac, and Greeting Box for Mac.

How to Use DesignCap

To use DesignCap, it’s almost the same as most websites. You are required to create an account here. If already registered, please log in.

Oh yes, before that you have to log in using a computer, not a cellphone. Because the appearance is undoubtedly much more comfortable and comfortable when using a larger screen.

To create an image, you can start immediately by selecting the orange button that says Get Started Now, then please select Create New. You are welcome to choose from the various categories of templates available or start with your size from here.

If you already have an image creation goal, you can choose to start DesignCap from the Category or Template menu. Categories are more organized and focused because DesignCap has sorted them into smaller categories. Meanwhile, for Templates, the categories are presented on one line. The advantage of the template menu, you can see a preview first.

For those who use the next product, the DesignCap difference at the beginning. The reason is that there is no size setting for your own needs. There is only that you are only required to adapt to specific platforms.

If you have selected one of the required templates, you are offered two Preview or Customize buttons in the template. Click Preview to see how it looks more clearly, or click Customize if you want to edit the image immediately.

Image Edit Element

Edit Images Online Easily with DesignCap 2

I use quite a lot of edit elements. If you say the same as competitors, yes, maybe it’s almost the same. The advantages of DesignCap are structured grouping.

You can find it on the Modules menu. Where a variety of ready-to-use text and infographic templates are provided in abundance, and many are free. For those of you who like making infographics, I think DesignCap is the most sensible choice.

Everything is available in abundance. Starting from the availability of photos, shapes, diagrams, graphics, lines, and uploaded images themselves. It’s so abundant. And you can find it in the DesignCap edit element.

For free subscribers, DesignCap is quite luxurious for me. Lots of good photos that maybe if in other places paid, you can use them here for free. I think this is a plus of DesignCap.

Unfortunately, the export results from DesignCap are still quite significant if you use them for blog posts. So if you keep using it, you have to shrink it in other applications. Yes, it is a little inconvenient because there is no option to resize in DesignCap before exporting.

Subscription Prices

Actually, by using DesignCap for free, you already get an abundance of resources. However, on individual images and templates, there is a green diamond sign that can only be accessed when you subscribe.

Other restrictions also apply to users of the free plan. For example, you can only save five designs and upload only five images. Then you can only download creations in JPEG.

There are three types of subscriptions at DesignCap. The first is the Free plan, the second is Basic, and the third is Plus. For the Basic subscription, you have to pay $ 4.99 per month and Plus $ 5.99 per month.

Edit Images Online Easily with DesignCap 3

There is currently a promotion on DesignCap. If you subscribe to the one-year Basic plan, then pay just $ 59.88. You’ve already saved $ 48.00. Meanwhile, for Plus, you have to pay $ 71.88 per year or save $ 84.00.

Please decide which package you choose to get various advantages from DesignCap.

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