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Draw Marketing Inspiration from these Geofencing Strategies by Leading Brands


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Before investing in geofencing white-label in Texas, here are a few examples of leading brands that benefitted from the same. Check out the best geofencing marketing examples below.  

You might be hearing about geofencing marketing for the first time, but it has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, business owners, even the ones that are heavily reliant on digital marketing are unaware of its merits. There is significant skepticism around as well regarding the efficacy of the marketing technique. That’s why this article will document some inspiring examples demonstrated by the leading brands in America that experienced immense growth by leveraging geofencing marketing. If you are contemplating hiring a firm for the geofencing white-label in Texas, this will help you come to the right decision. 

Geofencing Marketing Examples: Learn from the Top Brands

It’s the big corporations and leading brands that pave the way for others seeking success. Let’s learn from their geofencing marketing strategies. 


The leading coffee and café brand are the first on this list, owing to their smart utilization of geofencing marketing and the resulting success. It uses geofencing advertising for drinks to attract customers. If a customer is within the vicinity of their business, they will send a notification or message, offering them a special discount or enticing the customer with their favorite drink. It specifically works wonders in getting customers past the door and queue up to get a grande or venti. If your favorite drink is Vanilla Latte that you have ordered at Starbucks multiple times then the company will send you a geofenced alert to get the same when you are near the store. That’s how they do it! You can do the same for your café and restaurant business, becoming one of the successful geofencing marketing examples in Texas.   

Johns Hopkins Hospital

It’s not just retailers and café owners who can benefit from geofencing. John Hopkins Hospital has proved that through its successful use of the strategy for recruitment. For instance, the leading healthcare establishment used geofenced social media ads to target qualified people, presenting them with vacancy ads on the news feeds. They specifically used Facebook and LinkedIn to recruit people in the pediatrics department. Johns Hopkins was able to induct some valuable aspirants through this strategy. 


For this, we are referring to Uber’s Los Angeles example. When LAX banned Uber, Lyft, and taxis from picking-up passengers from the curbside, Uber came up with a geofencing strategy. Whenever a passenger stepped off a flight, they would get notifications on their phones about Uber cars in the vicinity. They use the same strategy around most airports and railway stations. Hence, it helps to attract more passengers to use the app and the service. 

On a Concluding Note

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