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Presentations of content in multimedia format always have a high impact on viewers, as they bring visually attractive elements in their configuration. Whether at school, university, or in companies, anyone can enjoy the benefits of digital tools to create presentations with strong visual appeal, which significantly facilitates the achievement of the objectives proposed for the proposed activity.

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To create quality presentations doesn’t require a lot of talent, just knowing how to choose the right tool to create your work. Thinking about it, I’ll introduce DesignCap Presentation Maker for you to rock in your presentations!


Overview of DesignCap

DesignCap gives you the possibility to create graphic designs not only for fresh digital content in different formats but also for various types of charts to get your readers to interact with your information more efficiently. Everything is done online, through a browser, and the results can be saved in the cloud or exported to local folders in different formats.

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The main features

  • It offers numerous templates for almost all kinds of occasions.
  • It is effortless, intuitive, and fast to use.
  • You can add images from the millions of stock photos and use your own from the computer.
  • A vast library of preset shapes and millions of icons.
  • Customize text manually or apply one from the preset styles.  
  • Set a custom image as background or use color or preset patterns.
  • Various elements like modules, different charts, etc.   
  • You can import data quickly from spreadsheets.
  • Upload pictures or save your project to the cloud for reuse.
  • Export design as different file types and share them anywhere.

How does it work?

DesignCap would meet all your expectations for making different presentations with a vast number of professional templates and millions of other graphics. Only with three steps, choose a template> edit design> export. You will make a fantastic presentation according to your needs.

Choose a template

You must first decide your goal. What you want to do is a large infographic, or a small flyer, card, or a slide. These will directly affect the size of the finished picture. After selecting, you can choose your favorite template style below. Don’t worry, and you can later modify the presentation template style, just pick a pleasing eye and start trying it out!

Personalize your design


Next, add headline and straightforward content, and select the appropriate position according to the layout style. All fonts can be adjusted, including the size, style, and color of the presentation font. Click the toolbar on the left and choose a style you like!

Then put in the appropriate ICON or photo according to the theme. There is an entire row of toolbars available on the left. Curly suggests that you can try each of them! Do what you want with simple mouse clicks.

You are able to fine-tune the presentation layout. All the positions of the objects can be freely pulled, adjust until you are satisfied. Here, you have finished your finished presentation! It’s much simpler than you think, right?

Export your presentation

Click the “Download” button at the upper right corner to save it as image formats (JPG / PNG / PDF) and PPTX. And it is handy for teachers and students who have PPT reports to present! Keeping the design as a project is also accessible in DesignCap.  


I used to do presentation design for related exhibitions for high school clubs, and I used Powerpoint to make the impression. If you use DesignCap, you should be able to save a lot of effort. If you are looking for a handy presentation designer that can be completed quickly and efficiently, try out DesignCap.

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