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Common Mistakes Made By Children Book Illustration Services


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Storybooks with colorful pictures that help children in understanding and learning are probably one of the best forms of art out there. The art of storytelling by capturing the kid’s attention through the use of vivid pictures and drawings that makes children delve into a world full of colors and imaginative creatures is not something everyone can do. Coming up with these packages that provide learning in the most fun way possible is tedious and not to mention a job for someone who has a passion for art. But being passionate doesn’t mean that you’re not going to make mistakes.

Learning is an ongoing process. Just like your target audience you, as a children book illustration service provider, should keep in mind that the learning will also be an ongoing process for your company and every artist in your organization too. So, therefore, you should always keep an open mind and always be ready to learn and make changes in your work whenever needed.

You need to understand something, no matter what field you belong too, that mistakes are part of your learning process. If you’re not making a mistake than it means you have no capacity for learning. And it’s not possible as a human being to not make mistakes. You’re bound to make mistakes and the only reason for mentioning this here is that when you do make mistakes than don’t be too hard on yourself. Learn from your mistakes and make your work better. And move on. Mistakes truly are blessings in disguise. With every new mistake, you become a better person.

There some common mistakes that, more or less, every illustrator makes. Try to avoid these common mistakes to become better at your illustrations than before.

Be open to ideas:

If you’re someone new to the business then this advice is for you. Imagine you just got a project for a children’s book illustration. And, since you were waiting for a really long time, therefore you’re very enthusiastic about it. You start working on the project and even before you finish and submit your work you start getting advice about how you should go on about your work. Now, since you’re new to the field you put with that advice and keep on working. Again, you start getting advice about certain text that should be included in the work, and now you’re getting annoyed at the constant interruptions in your work by the client. Well, see, even though you’re an artist and know how to do your work but your client might also be a professional who’s got more experience in the world of publishing children’s books than you. So, rather than getting annoyed you should actually take this as an opportunity to learn and grow yourself in this field. This might even help you later on, if you, someday plan to get into publishing your own books yourself. So, be flexible and absorb every little piece of knowledge like a sponge.

Stick to the specifications provided:

This is one of the most common mistakes that illustrators make often. People new and old in the field both make this mistake. This is related to professionalism more than it is with art and illustration. If your client has asked you for pictures with specs seven by nine then provide them with pictures that are of the same specification, seven by nine. If you provide the pictures that have different specifications, for example, five by seven, then it’s bound to get you into trouble because you were clearly asked for different specifications. This happening wastes your hard work and time. It also wastes your client’s time as well and a mistake like this is capable of making any client very angry easily. Like mentioned earlier, it’s something that’s more related to professionalism than art and illustration. So, you always be very careful with the specifications that are provided to you.

Be Consistent:

Illustrators are taught to be consistent in their artwork from very early on in their learning. It’s also one of the mistakes that illustrators make repeatedly. And this mistake is probably one of the most harmful mistakes an illustrator can make.

Consistency is something that can classify a new animator better than an old experienced one and vice versa. Issues with consistency can be made by even the most professional illustrators. For example, your character on page number seven is wearing white snickers and on-page number ten the snickers change color from white to yellow or black. This is one mistake that seasoned and well-versed illustrators and new illustrators make alike.

These small details matter a lot when it comes to illustration. This is what makes an excellent illustrator different from a bad illustrator.

Do your best to avoid the mentioned mistakes and your illustration skills will definitely get better than before.

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