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6 Points To Show Indoor Wedding Is Better Than An Outdoor


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A wedding reception can either be held indoors or outdoors. Now, the most important thing we need to keep in mind is that while choosing between indoor and outdoor weddings, everything comes down to one single word: Control.

The fact is, naturally, an indoor wedding venue will allow more control over the environment. If you are looking for reception venues in Texas, there are many banquet halls in Houston that provide large space accommodation. However, it is not just about space. There are many other points to be considered while choosing between indoor and outdoor wedding venues.

Here are 6 comparisons to give a better overview:

  1. Logistics:

Indoor venues- Naturally, indoor venues will enable you to have a lot more control over the logistics. An indoor venue will provide you with separate spaces for reception, car parking, eating space, and many more.

Outdoor venues- Outdoor venues will make it tougher to figure out separate spaces of different needs, like those mentioned above.

There are many banquet halls in Houston that provide premium services like valet parking, VIP area, and security as well.

2. Natural elements:

Indoor Venues- An indoor venue allows one to organize a wedding reception in an easier manner. Weather conditions will not be able to do much harm.

Outdoor venues- Outdoor venues are more vulnerable to natural elements like sun, rain, wind.

Disregarding the weather, outdoor venues do have a beauty of their own. However, there are many banquets halls in Houston that assure to give you the perfect ambiance, including room décor, in a way which will not let you miss nature at all.

3. Space:

Indoor Venues: Indoor venues may or may not be as spacious as an outdoor venue. And this depends on your budget. It can sometimes be even difficult to find a venue that can hold 400 or 500 guests, the season being a wedding one.

Outdoor Venues: Outdoor venues also involve the budget. And perhaps, an outdoor wedding venue will indeed be more spacious but also bring in a higher price.

There are many affordable wedding venues in Houston, Texas, that have large space accommodations that can hold upto 300 to 400 guests comfortably.

4. Décor:

Indoor Venues: Indoor venues take less time to decorate. Moreover, they have their own designers who help you in giving a more suited décor based on your choice and taste.

Outdoor Venues: Decorating an outdoor venue requires more time. This is because you have to begin from scratch. And this naturally brings the chances of a higher budget.

There are many banquet halls in Houston, Texas, that offer state-of-the-art décor for wedding receptions, like, table linens, chair covers, flowers, centerpieces and many more.

5. Food:

Indoor Venues- One of the most important aspects, if not the most important aspect, of any wedding reception, is the food. Naturally, indoor venues are a plus since there is a separate space for cooking, food storage, controlled temperature.

Outdoor Venues- An indoor venue involves carrying all the food to the selected location. And this can lead to various inconveniences including hampering of the food items, toppling off of cakes, and many more. Furthermore, the fact that they need to be carried to a certain location might narrow down the choice of dishes for the wedding.

This is why opting for affordable banquet halls in Houston, Texas, is a better option. Their large availability of space along with premium catering services including multiple cuisines, customizable cakes, beverages (including BYOB) make them perfect for your wedding reception.

6. Entertainment:

Indoor Venues- Indoor venues allow you to celebrate your wedding in the perfect manner. This brings in the entertainment factor. And thanks to numerous banquet halls in Houston, Texas, that provide customized lighting, DJs, Mariachi, sound system with mics and dance floor lights, you won’t have to worry about outside weather conditions and celebrate the eve away.

Outdoor venues- As far as entertainment is concerned, outdoor venues have a lot of things to consider. Arranging for sound systems, dance floor lights, can be a lot of trouble. Another thing to consider is the electrical connections.  All this will certainly add to the budget. Another thing to worry about is the weather. Outdoor venues are open to strong winds and rain, which can bar you from partying in the open.

These 6 points convey that for a budget-friendly wedding, an indoor venue seems to be a better deal. An indoor venue lets you save more without compromising the wedding ambiance.

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