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5 Tips To Start A Healthy Life


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The idea of a fitness or eating plan can seem all too cliche and for some people, this type of resolution can be a source of anxiety and stress. However, for others, making healthy resolutions can be the foundation for long-lasting health improvements.

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There are many ways to kick start your health and wellness goals. I challenge you to commit to at least one challenge and to move away from the all or nothing approach in the quest to continuously be the best version of yourself. This is your guide to a system reboot you can easily incorporate into your life.

1. Be in the Moment

Spend time connecting with your friends in a physical context and not just over the phone, on social media or by texting. Pick up the phone and make the necessary plans to go for coffee, lunch or to enjoy a concert and try to do this often.

Cultivating these moments can reduce stress, create memories and alleviate loneliness. If weather is not suitable and you can not plan outdoor trips then create a memorable moment at home. You can create a comfortable atmosphere inside your house by installing Air conditioning system such as ducted air conditioning Sydney.

It will help in regulating your indoor temperature and humidity level during the summer and rainy season so that you can enjoy and create memories inside your home as well.

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2. Eat Clean and Consider a Cleanse

Food is everywhere during the winter season and good food is celebrated all over the world. When you gather with friends, family and even strangers it often involves food. You are what you eat and if your food choices tend to be poor at the best of times, then it’s time to consider resetting your food choices to include items that can do better for your health.

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You can cleanse for a month, a week or even a day. Whatever length of time you choose, start by planning and putting your intentions to work. So, what exactly does this mean? A cleanse is a shift in your diet to remove junk foods and to incorporate healthier, whole food and beverage choices.

For a cleanse to be successful, look at your social calendar so that you can plan your cleanse around these events and improve your chances for success.

Once you have completed a cleanse, it’s important to slowly incorporate the foods you avoided for 2 weeks.

Take your time at reintroducing each food while taking notes on how you feel. If you notice any negative reactions such as headaches, joint pain, acne flare-ups or a change in your bowel movements, take note and consider reducing the intake of that food item or incorporating digestive support such as probiotics and digestive enzymes.

3. Get Moving

Moving can be one of the most challenging to stick to with most people falling off the fitness bandwagon. There are some good benefits to choosing more movement. Becoming more active can put you in the mindset to eat better which can create a healthy cycle.

You’ll also get a regular boost of endorphins that may help reduce pain, improve fatigue and boost your mood. There are many ways to explore incorporating more movement in your daily life. With a plethora of gyms, fitness facilities and studios out there, incorporating fitness into your life isn’t difficult; it just takes time and motivation.

However, a fitness facility, may not be the timeliest or most cost-effective way for you to exercise. If you aren’t a gym person, explore other ways to increase your activity. You can simply start walking on your lunch break; or when you are at home.

During summer and rainy season, if extreme heat is the hurdle then install latest technology AC system such as air conditioning Sydney at your home.

4. Practice Gratitude

In a world fraught with negative happenings, family and personal illness and everyday stressors, it can be hard at times to keep pushing forward or be grateful for anything. Gratitude is the quality of having an appreciation.

It requires taking a step back from the worry, stress, and angst to take some time to be thankful for whatever it is that you are thankful for. It may just be one thing, or it may be a whole lot.

Each day, I challenge you to write down what you are thankful for in a journal or on a piece of paper. At the end of the year and at any time that you feel discouraged, look at what you’ve written down. Having and showing your gratitude can translate into better health and the willingness to incorporate healthy activities into your everyday life.

5. Say No To Alcohol

Let’s face it, alcohol is a legal drug which has made its way into every aspect of celebratory society, but especially during the holiday season. The problem is that when it is abused it can have profound effects on your physical and psychological well being.

Alcohol is causally related to more than 60 different medical conditions and it accounts for as much death and disability globally as tobacco and hypertension. Binge drinking and even the regular nightly alcoholic beverage can disrupt sleep, increase cholesterol levels, negatively impact the health of your kidneys and overall, accelerate the aging process. Therefore, it’s a great idea to consider taking a break.

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