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3 Things That You Can Do With a Local Prayer Time Reminder App


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Salah is defined as the act of offering prayers to Allah SWT. Mentioned in the Holy Our’an with diverse rules, as well as guidelines surrounding, the principal of salah is to make sure Muslims maintain their faith to Allah SWT. It helps ensure taqwa – one’s closeness to Allah SWT – and to remain conscious of the importance of faith to their Creator. And the special importance is dedicated to the Friday prayer that is also known as Jumaa Namaz, a prayer that is led by an Imam and performed in congregation at the local Mosque. There are many other prayers too, including a Namaaz-e-Mayyit, Namaaz-e-Eid and more.

However, without knowing the time, performing prayer is difficult for you. With so many confusing times mentioned in so many places, knowing the proper time may be daunting for you. Finding it difficult to know the local prayer time? Wondering how to know it? Well, not to worry. Canadian Islamic Dar Alfatwa brings you the solution with its local prayer time reminder app. It is an all exclusive app that helps you know the exact times of local prayers along with sunrise, sunset and iqama times.

With family sharing enabled, up to six family members can use this app. This is not all. This app has some unique features to that help to know more about your religion. Eager to know about these before downloading the app from the Play Store? Let’s explore here –

Get answers to shariah questions

You could have several questions about shariah that you want to get answers. But getting authentic answer is not easy for you. CIDAC app offers a solution to this problem. With this app, you can submit as many shariah questions as you have and the answers will be delivered by a Sunna Islamic Scholar right to your email.

The app offers public and private options for getting the answers. With the private option, you receive the answer only by email and it will not be posted in the app. And when you choose the public option, you will receive an email and the question and answer will be posted in the app. Besides, you can also submit shariah questions in Arabic. So, if you have any questions, without hesitating any more, submit the questions and clear your doubts.

Donate easily

Do you want to involve yourself in religious activities? Do you want to donate something in projects like zakat, Masjid operations, zakat fitr, new project, poverty, etc? You can make the donation in any of the mentioned projects via the app. It is completely secure. After the successful completion of the payment, you will receive a receipt through email that is tax deductible in Canada.

There are various categories listed in the donation page where you can choose the category you wanting to donate to. The amount can be in USD and CAN dollars. 

Know the announcements in your city

You often miss the announcement on various important things in your city and later keep asking others. But now, getting the latest update on various events of your city will no more be difficult with CIDAC app. It will let you know about the upcoming events in your community, updates on projects accomplished in the city, or even death announcement and where the funeral will take place.

Besides, you can also use this app as an Islamic radio app in Canada and listen to Quran and lectures offered by Islamic scholars on various subjects. So, to deepen your understanding of your religion and get the latest update, download the app now!

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