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accessories to improve your kitchen

15 accessories to improve your kitchen


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Is your kitchen missing something? Think of the accessories! While being practical, they can add the original touch that complements a kitchen. Whether it’s a pretty marble clock, a beautiful wooden bench, or charming coffee cups, Quebec designers offer us a large selection of accessories to improve our cuisine.

Here are 15 accessories to improve your kitchen

1- Beautiful colorful plates – Atelier Make

Handcrafted by Atelier Make, this set of colorful plates brightens up any kitchen. Gray, pink, green, or white, these pretty plates in pastel tones leave no one indifferent.

2- An innovative fruit and vegetable storage – Jar 

The Montreal Company Jarred designs ceramic bowls with wooden slats to place fruits and vegetables. Called Denise, these bowls allow you to water food and keep it longer.

3- A chic tray – Male height

Designed from maple or black walnut, the Height of Man tray is ideal for serving cheeses and cold meats. While waiting for your next reception, leave it prominently on your counter or on a tablet, because in addition to being practical, this tray is very pretty.

4- A classy wall clock – Object 

Made from marble, the Object wall clock adds a luxurious touch to any kitchen. It goes well with modern, minimalist interiors. Object clocks are available in green, black, and white.

5- A calendar that does not go unnoticed – Available at Nota Been Stationery and at the Unicorn store

Are you looking for a poster for your kitchen walls? Both decorative and useful as well as refined and timeless, the Standing calendar is the perfect poster! Designed in 1966 by designer Massimo Vignola, it still attracts as much attention.

6- A fun dish towel – Plum textile

Add a touch of whimsy to your kitchen using Prune Textile dish towels. Adorned with a pretty lemon design, these linens will make you smile. Even when you are doing the dishes!

7- A book holder for even better cooking – Arbor Cuisine

Are you addicted to cookbooks? This wooden book holder manufactured by Arbor Cuisine allows you to place the cookbook while you take care of your pots and stoves. A must for all great chefs! For best advice visit contractors Columbus Ohio.

8- A beautiful mortar and pestle set to equip yourself with style – Standing wood 

Useful for grinding spices, herbs or nuts, the standing wood mortar and pestle allows you to add tasty flavors to your dishes. Made from wood, the creations of Standing Wood are both traditional and modern.

9- Charming coffee cups – Art & Manufacture 

Adopt these pretty coffee cups and always get up with a smile! Handcrafted by ceramist Edith Bourg Ault, these large cups are suitable for both coffee and tea. Let them stand out… they are too good to be hidden!

10- Salad utensils with colored tip – Craft Collective 

Handcrafted by Craft Collective, this set of serving utensils looks as good in a bowl as it does on a hook in a kitchen. With their touch of bright color, these wooden salad utensils are anything but boring!

11- Accessories for salt and spices – Us & Costumes

Practical and chic, the salt hand from Us & Costumes is made from recycled roasted cherry. Useful for serving salt, spices, or sauces, the salt hand is easy to use and allows you to have the ingredients within reach.

12- Wall hooks with multiple functions – Six points one

In need of storage? Display your beautiful accessories and use the Six-point one wall hooks in your kitchen. The wall support with hooks is made of metal and available in white or black.

13- A wall basket to optimize storage – Sainte Marie Textile

This wall basket is an original solution to optimize its storage of spices. The magnet hidden in the wooden base allows the basket to be fixed to the wall. Jars of spices or other small items can, therefore, be stored without hassle in this rustic-looking basket.

14- To cook intelligently: a tablet or phone holder – Us & Costumes

Your tablet or phone follows you everywhere… even in the kitchen? Use this wooden stand made by Us & Costumes. Whether to place your tablet there to follow a recipe or to place your phone on it, this support is very practical!

15- A bench that helps out – Coop Established

Is your kitchen large enough to house this beautiful wooden bench? You will not regret it! To be used when you are short of chairs for your guests or even as a decorative object. Put a pretty plant or a nice basket on it.

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