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Why Married Entrepreneurs are more likely to be Successful?


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The old adage “Happy wife, happy life!” may just have a ring of truth to it.
It’s common for entrepreneurs to get overzealous about their work. Even to the point of letting their growing business overshadow their marriage. Search online and thousands of articles detailing divorced entrepreneurs are bound to pop up.
But when entrepreneurs put time, effort, and love into their marriage they will experience success both professionally and personally. For example, studies show that statically, married men earn more than single men
Being happily married can also contribute to healthy bodies, reduced anxiety, and happier social life. These are all important aspects of life as an entrepreneur.
Entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business or be more productive at work should start their journeys of self-discovery in their own home. These are the nine reasons why married entrepreneurs are setting themselves up for success.
1. They Know How to Compromise
If anybody knows how to make compromises, it’s married couples.
This valuable skill is well-honed in marriage. Couples must compromise about how to discipline the children, what to do on a Friday night, and sometimes even about what type of milk to buy. Marriage is a world of compromise that sets entrepreneurs up for success.
Unfortunately, entrepreneurs don’t always get their way. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an equally successful middle-ground they can take.
Compromising shows team members their leader isn’t an ego-maniac, encourages good customer service, and is appealing to investors.
2. Excellent Communication Skills
Married entrepreneurs know the value of excellent communication skills.
Communicating is the bread and butter of any successful marriage. Couples communicate to deepen their connection. They also use this as a method of solving problems in a respectful manner. This is also an essential personality trait for an entrepreneur.
Entrepreneurs must be able to communicate their visions for their product or business in order to win over their investors or clients.
3. Married Entrepreneurs are Better with Money
When partners trust each other, they are able to share their thoughts, feelings, and goals. They respect one another’s opinions and can use each other as a creative springboard. Married entrepreneurs make smarter decisions because they can bounce ideas off of their partner.
Furthermore, entrepreneurs benefit when they marry someone who is smart with money. Not only does this mean any money being made won’t be immediately blown on a shopping spree, but it also means that spouse will wisely budget and invest the household finances.
4. A Second Opinion
Two heads are better than one. Married entrepreneurs have the benefit of an extra set of eyes when it comes to making business decisions.
Mistakes are the bane of an entrepreneur’s professional life. They want their product or business to come across perfectly. They want to respond to e-mails in a timely manner and give correct information to potential clients.
Having another person who knows the business inside and out can help prevent entrepreneurs from making mistakes. It can also help them receive sound advice before jumping into a situation too quickly.
5. Boosts Income
This can be a two-fold win for entrepreneurs. First, as mentioned at the onset, married men earn more than single men do. Married couples also receive better tax benefits and have more savings than singles do.
Second, being married can also ensure a steady stream of income during the startup years as an entrepreneur.
The Minority Business Development Agency suggests that the average cost of starting a business from scratch is just above $30,000. Research suggests that of these new business startups, 90% of them will fail.
These are not good odds. Yet, with home with multiple incomes will be able to withstand economic hardships easier than single-income households.
6. Knows How to Handle Criticism
Couples who have been together long enough are bound to experience some disagreements. They have learned through years of practice that the best way to approach a problem is with tact. They problem-solve in a way that is calm and digestible.
Being exposed to constructive criticism helps entrepreneurs learn how to express themselves to their staff or clients in a way that is firm but respectful. It offers them the opportunity to work on their communication skills. It will also help entrepreneurs think about what they could be doing better for their business.
7. Proven Reliability
Married couples are happiest when there is trust in the relationship. Trust allows them to confide fully in one another. It also leads to a sense of peace and contentment in the household. Put together, these things create a happy, lasting relationship.
For those reasons, married entrepreneurs have a proven record of reliability. This makes them a wonderful choice to invest in and buy from.
8. A Spouse’s Personality Matters
This research study found that the five biggest personality traits that contributed to success were agreeableness, extroversion, openness, neuroticism, and most importantly – conscientiousness. Being conscientious means that entrepreneurs are painstakingly careful. They are not impulsive and take great care of their business.
Further research shows that the more conscientious one’s spouse is, the more money the entrepreneur/employee will earn. They are also 50% more likely to receive a promotion.
9. They Know How to Plan Ahead
Being in a relationship is all about planning ahead. It means partners must know when they are ready to take the next step forward. They are to date, get engaged and married, move in together, and then decide where to move and whether they are ready to start a family.
They also plan ahead financially when they budget their finances to start their own business. Planning ahead is also helpful for learning how to grow their business.

Married entrepreneurs have one of the hardest jobs there is – keeping their marriage alive! They experience success in business and in their personal lives when they learn to compromise, show respect, handle criticism, and plan ahead. These qualities will benefit them with clients, team members, investors, and at home.

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