Why Is Laravel the Best Choice for Startups?


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The technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that it has become quite difficult to match its pace and smartly manage the growth of your company as well. 

The current market has made it extremely difficult for budding businesses to keep budding. 

If you too are a startup, we bet your focus is to keep your customers on top of your priority list and provide them with the best user experience via your web application. 

If that’s not your goal, then it should be. 

And what is the best way to ensure your users enjoy your web app the most? It’s simple- hire laravel developers!

We are emphasizing on Laravel, since it is considered a top-notch web development technology that offers a plethora of benefits and many cross-platform abilities. 

Laravel is the most perfect open-source framework that can be chosen by every startup to get an edge over their competitors. It provides a tech-entrepreneur with every feature they require, from excellent user experience to creating a highly interactive application- it does all! 

What is Laravel? 

Laravel is a prominent PHP framework that is popular worldwide. It was developed in 2011 by Tyler Otwell to enhance the process of web app development. The technology allows developers to develop their applications based on PHP (a powerful and popular scripting language) via the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. 

Besides that, it also simplifies and accelerates the whole app development process- one of the primary reasons for the increasing popularity of Laravel.

Laravel can be the push you need to grab success. It can be effectively used to develop e-commerce websites or digital portals for your business.

However, apart from that, it offers many exciting benefits as well. 

Why is Laravel the ideal choice for web app development for a startup?

The amazing PHP framework offer various advantages such as: 

  • Easy to learn, easy to use:

Laravel is one of the most desired and liked server-side scripting languages around the world, enjoying a fair share of fame among developers. Thus, the entire process of learning and using Laravel becomes easy. Again, since most startups are low on capital, this serves to be an amazing benefit. They can even look for expert laravel programmers for hire, who are beginning with their career (freshers).

  • Community Support:

Since open-sourced technologies are emerging every day, the digital world keeps on evolving. Therefore, it has become easier for startups to sustain in the market and accelerate their growth making use of the best technologies. 

What’s better is that a robust community supports Laravel. The community consists of Laravel developers continuously working to improve it. 

A newbie can turn to the Laravel community anytime s/he is stumbled upon a query or issue. Experienced developers from the community will come to aid. 

After all, if given substantial tips and solutions, any developer can obtain the best out of a technology. That’s not it, Laravel is also well-documented, therefore, a developer on the journey of self-learning will never go out of materials to lead her/his way.

  • High adoption rate:

Since Laravel is an impeccable technology, many entrepreneurs and developers across the world have chosen it to be included in their app’s tech stack. Thus, the adoption rate of Laravel is higher. Moreover, as many industries have begun choosing Laravel, it can be extremely advantageous for startups looking for experts in the technology. 

With such a high adoption rate, startups can easily leverage their business growth by using Laravel. 

  • Better Performance:

It is imperative for a startup to provide impeccable performance to attain their user’s attention and increase their user base. This is where Laravel comes to the rescue. It offers unique features such as optimized security, Memeched and redis caching systems, multilingual support and so on.

Therefore, there’s no doubt when we say that it can work wonders in providing startups the support and performance it demands. 

  • Effective traffic management:

The initial phase of startup has to go through a lot of struggle, be it acquiring attention or maximizing the audience reach. This struggle doesn’t end when a startup starts gaining popularity, since higher traffic requires quick resolvement of a huge number of customer requests. 

This not just increases the hosting cost but also contributes towards making the webserver non-responsive. 

However, this can be tackled with Laravel’s unique ‘message queue system’ that effectively supports load balancing, and keeps your server intact. During this time, your data’s integrity and smooth functioning of your application is also ensured. 

  • Optimized Security:

Security is one such parameter that doesn’t change based on the size of your company. An enterprise or a startup- security is something you can never compromise on to maintain your user’s data confidentiality and privacy. 

In such cases, Laravel proves to be a great choice that provides comprehensive security with features such as cross-site forgery requests and SQL injections. 

Also, it can protect your code from multiple security threats. Therefore, the PHP framework provides a robust security solution, shielding your integrity and credibility among users. 


Laravel’s power is known to all, which is why companies like 9GAG, BBC, Ratio, About You, Pfizer and many more have been actively using the incredible technology for their web apps. The number of companies that hire independent developers for developing their laravel web applications has also increased substantially. 

And why wouldn’t they? Laravel provides every feature an entrepreneur has ever craved for. Thus, there’s no doubt when it comes to laravel web app development.

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