Rotary Vacuum Evaporators India

Why Is A Rotary Evaporator Used In The Industries Or Labs?


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Rotary vacuum evaporator is quite a popular and commonly used laboratory equipment. It has very simple configuration. It is made up of a rotary motor (the main component of the equipment), a heating bath for oil or water (as per the requirement), a collection flask, an evaporation flask and a condenser. All the parts of the evaporator work in collaboration with each other to remove the solvent from a chemical mixture. That is the main use of the rotary evaporator, to get rid of the solvent.

How does the evaporator function?

The Rotary Vacuum Evaporator functions on the principle of roto-evaporation. The mechanical rotation of the flask under vacuum is the primary force that makes the equipment work. Basically, the surface area of the solvent, which has to be removed is increased. This is done by the rotation of the flask. As a result, the pace of evaporation increases leading to the reduction of the possibility of bumping. Afterwards, a decent volume of solvent vapor form quite speedily. And, they displace the liquid. The equipment operates by lessening the boiling point of the solvent. Therefore, the solvent gets a way to be separated from the compound of interest.

Rotary Vacuum Evaporator is also known as a Rotovap and it is widely available in the market.

The applications of Rotovap or a Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

Listed below are a few of the industries that use a Rotary Vacuum Evaporators

  • The evaporator is mostly used in a chemical industry
  • It is even used in the fuel or the educational industries
  • Food industry uses the rotary vacuum evaporator also extracts the flavors from the food, thus, it is used by the food companies as well.
  • Some of the recycling units also use the evaporator to remove the solvent
  • With the help of the evaporator, the experts are able to get rid of the dangerous waste liquid
  • In some of the industries, the evaporator is used to dry the powders

Rotary Vacuum Evaporators India – Pharmaceutical industry Uses

The evaporator is used widely in the pharmaceutical companies. The laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry use the evaporator mostly for gentle evaporation. It is also used for the re-crystallization of the material. Some of the other main functions of the rotary evaporator involve, drying, concentration, purification of the solvent and synthesis. This is not it, the evaporator plays a major role in these industries, and therefore, it is high in demand.

Rotary Vacuum Evaporator is a popular laboratory equipment

The rotary evaporators are used in different type of industries because of a plenty of reasons. It is an extensively preferred evaporator as it is quite easy to use as well. To fulfill the specific demands of the industries, different kind of evaporators are manufactured by the companies.  You may find different types of parts or fitting products which are combined to the evaporator to make it apt for the use. It is not only used for the removal of solvent, at times, it is even used for recycling of the solvent. Thus, there is no doubt about the fact that you can use the evaporator for several activities.

Although, when it comes to buying the best evaporator, you would have to first determine your uses. Based on the use, you would have to find out the best product. The product should suit all your requirements. Also, choosing the best manufacture, who makes high grade and certified rotary vacuum evaporator is important. You may have consider contacting a company that offers you recommendations to buy the best product for needs as well. you can also find Pressure gauges exporters from india manufactureres.

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