Why Communication Matters

Why Communication Matters


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Communication is one of the basic human needs, necessary for survival. With time, however, mediums of communication have had to evolve to keep up with increasingly active lifestyles. Humans are becoming more self-sufficient by the day. They have to manage almost everything on their own, and this often leaves them with little or no time for social interactions. Online communication has made life easier for busy individuals. All they need is an internet connection and a gadget to go with it and they can connect with family, friends, and colleagues within a matter of seconds.

The internet is now a commonly used facility among people all over the world. Online chat applications, easily available on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, or Web have proven to be of great help to users. Online mediums of communication involve text messaging, emailing, tweeting, putting up posts, sending messages, and making calls among others. Applications like Zoom and Skype are platforms for audio and video communications. The NEEOPAL app gives the user an option to communicate both locally and globally using audio/ video calls, texting and sharing files, and other special features to make it a promising experience for users.

Social Media

Social media communications can be used to enhance marketing efforts. Notices and status updates require little time but can be used for targeting connections on a broad scale to all those using a particular social media platform. Status updates help you stay in the limelight, both personally and professionally. By updating your status you are letting your friends, fans, or customers know you are alive and active on social media. Status updates are useful for time-sensitive information, such as, maybe if you or someone you know has been in a bad accident, you can inform all your contacts on Facebook by simply updating your status. From a marketing point of view, you can make important announcements, such as a sale on certain items or a special deal for customers.

Content Marketing is an effective way of promoting yourself on social media. You need to keep the target audience in mind while posting updates on social media.

Also, providing your perspective on a piece of content or product by reacting to or commenting on it creates another broad channel of communication. This way you can influence your connections and other participants who can view the content. Brands and businesses can flourish on social media if their customers give positive reviews regarding the products being sold. Especially in the case of online shopping, prospective customers like to check reviews of an article before making their purchases. When someone posts a comment on a social media app, it provokes responses among users which turn into a conversation. Twitter chats and blog comments are common examples of this open-ended form of communication where just about anyone can give their opinion regarding a particular statement.

Business Tools

Superior communication tools help employees and managers get their work done on time and within a set budget, as they can clearly communicate their objectives, through written and verbal means. To support business communication between employees, managers, and customers, a range of tools such as intranets, apps, emails, and video calls, is now available.

As technology advances, new forms of communication develop, crucial to the success of an online business. Thanks to laptops, smart phones, and tablets instant and effective business communication can take place including, feedback, and a steady flow of information, for the achievement of desired goals and objectives.

Different types of business communication take place in an organization. The information has to be passed on to the superiors by the sub-ordinates, instructions have to be given by the superiors to the subordinates and employees have to communicate with customers, shareholders, competitors, etc. In this day and age, the staff of a particular organization might be scattered all over the globe, with different departments situated in different countries, providing services to customers far and beyond. In such circumstances timely communication has to take place which requires proper coordination for setting- up meetings, circulating relevant information, and working towards deadlines. Online apps, such as MS Teams, Skype, and Zoom are highly effective for conducting online meetings.

Explore New Things

The advancement of technology and globalization has altered the way people communicate both personally and professionally. Online communication has lead to businesses flourishing worldwide. Business networking has become easy and convenient with online communication as we can text, talk, email, video call, conference call, etc in a very simple manner. Besides the basic need which is the internet, online communication, provides innumerable options for convenient and cost-effective communication. There are so many apps out there with many special features that help users create personal and professional bonds with ease. Online communication, aside from assisting them professionally, also helps individuals stay emotionally healthy. Individuals will never experience isolation as long as they are connected to their online friends. They will never suffer boredom either since there are limitless options to explore and experiment with.  

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