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Which Engagement Ring To Choose?


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Trying to picture the engagement ring of your dreams is a difficult task to do, and for some people, their imagination sparks an endless list of ideas. Buying this item is by no means a simple task, especially for a man who is buying a ring for his fiancé (we know how picky some people are). We advise thorough research to assure getting the best ring money can buy without having any regrets or disappointments with what you end up buying.

You can simplify the process by dividing the process into four specific sections so that you do not end up feeling overwhelmed. Each step will require you to make a choice which will be responsible for a particular feature of the ring.

  1. Set a price bracket

It is a reflex to decide a preset or malleable price range before buying anything, big or small. The same should be done with an engagement ring. Doing this will help you to start the ring hunt by providing options. For people who have a budget, setting a limit will prevent you from overspending and getting carried away with a ‘beautiful’ ring.

Depending on the options you get, you can choose to upgrade your price range to get a better selection of rings. Increasing the price means you will get a better selection of diamonds, in terms of quality or size. Pick a reasonable price range, going too low might affect the choice of diamond you get, so pick wisely!

  1. What kind of diamond do you want?
Which Engagement Ring To Choose? 1

The next question is a tricky one since it is the “make or break” of your ring. There are three decisions to make here; these include Cut, Carat, and Colour.

  1. Cut: This refers to the particular shape in which the diamond will be made. The process is one which involves skill and a diamond-cutter to curate the desired shape carefully. There are several cuts to choose from, such as the oval, cushion, pear, princess, marquise, princess, and many more. Choose carefully as the cut should be able to sit comfortably in the ring setting and not look too bulky on the finger. All shapes are elegant, and you can choose to pair it however you like, feel free to experiment with different ring band designs to highlight the essence of the diamond without stealing too much attention away from it.
  1. Carat: Carat is a unique weight term used to describe weight in the diamond world. In real terms, 1 carat equals 0.200 grams in standard measurements. It is a technical conversion term that makes diamond selling easier by giving each of these natural stones a defined weight. You will expect to pay according to carat value, and higher quality diamonds are more expensive. The most common diamond engagement rings have a fixed carat value of anywhere between 1-2 carats. Going above this will increase the price, so be aware of this.
  1. Colour: Diamonds appear in various colours other than the traditional transparent forms which are familiar. Even Icy diamond are a standard attraction these days due to their unique natural appearance. Coloured diamonds are all the rage with an increasing number of people buying them for jewellery purposes.
Which Engagement Ring To Choose? 2

We strongly suggest getting a second opinion before you commit to a purchase because this is the hardest part. Pointers which can help you make the right decision include finger size, style sense, favourite colours, etc., we hope you have this information handy. You can always take a close friend or a family member to help settle on this vital choice.

  1. Select the ring (metal, band design, and diamond setting)
Which Engagement Ring To Choose? 3

After picking the diamond, you have to finish the ring off with the band and the setting that will house the diamond.

  1. Metal

Start with opting for a specific metal to make the band. There is no wrong choice here, and you have four variants available to you, these are rose gold, white gold, gold, or platinum. Platinum is the most expensive option of all four, while the rest have close prices. Rose gold is a plated option, just like white gold. In these two cases, another metal is used to conceal the yellow gold beneath them. Platinum has an evergreen shiny silver colour that does not darken or corrode on exposure to the elements.

  1. Band Design
Which Engagement Ring To Choose? 4

Fancy band designs can add glamour to the ring. The band can feature one of these designs; twisted, pleated, simple, or a diamond-studded band. You cannot go wrong with either of them, but comfort will be the main motive behind your selection.

  1. Diamond Setting
Which Engagement Ring To Choose? 5

The setting involves the method or technique behind the placement of the stone. Some common ones are prong setting that have four or three prongs supporting the rock. Another type is the halo design that features the diamond surrounded by the metal, and this protects the diamond well. Other settings exist to cater to more than one diamond set into the band, like the 3-stone band that has two smaller supporting diamonds on either side of the larger one.

  1. Ring Size
Which Engagement Ring To Choose? 6

The final problem that you may encounter when buying an engagement ring is getting the correct ring band size. It should be tight but loose enough not to get stuck! Knowing the right size is a big help, but does not guarantee perfect sizing. The idea is to ask the jeweller if they can make adjustments in case the size is not appropriate. That way if a size adjustment is required, you can get it done without any hassles and perhaps without paying anything extra if an agreement is made.

  1. Commit to the purchase
Which Engagement Ring To Choose? 7

After choosing all the desired specifications, all that is left is to decide on the purchase method and maybe set a date.

Here you have a guide on which engagement ring to choose for that extraordinary person in your life. Follow the guide well so that you do not find yourself lost in the diamond world with no clue about how to begin this quest. Be sure not to do it all alone; two great minds are better than one. Remember to get something fabulous since you only get to choose once and will probably be married once.

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