What are the Top 5 Qualities of Excellent Hockey Coaches?


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Coaches are the ones who build the career of a player. They pave the right path for the players. They help the players to overcome their fear and enjoy the game. As teachers, coaches are also responsible to pass on the skills essential for the player to succeed in life.

A perfect coach encourages the athlete. A bad coach can completely leave a bad impression on the mind of the player not allowing him to further take a step in the future. Being a coach is always an easy task. It requires a whole lot of patience, calmness, and politeness to handle the team.

Like, Gerald Forestell, a coach can also have great qualities. In his spare time, Dr. Gerald Forestell enjoys being outdoors whether it’s growing his garden, biking, skiing or paddling. Some of the excellent qualities are:

Positive Energy:

It’s not necessary that every player can learn new techniques and exercise in a first go. They try and fail many times, it’s the coach who needs to spread the positive energy among the players. The players need to be handled and trained with love and not anger. Positivity has always lead to winning a losing match.

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Being a coach requires hard work, devotion, and a whole lot of commitment. Without enthusiasm, you can’t be the best coach. A coach needs to have a proper layout and pattern of practice. Proper planning is required to attain any goal.

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Overall development:

When a child is in the training field, he not only learns about hockey but also many life lessons. We never know how many lessons we have learnt during our training and learning process. A coach needs to look that the child learns off the field required lessons of life in a good way, and they don’t lose hope. Try to build an overall learning process.

Trust your players:

Training players and making them capable to win the field is not only the responisibilty of the coach. A coach has to trust the team, the players, and make them believe that they can achieve in any critical situation. Trusting your players help them to be more confident. This gives them the sense of your expectations from them which eventually helps to increase their spirit.

Personal offense:

A coach might come across players or parents with whom they have some personal issues. But the best coach is the one who overlooks that, keep personal fights and judgment separate. Being in the profession of a coach is a different authority that needs to be done with integrity and respect. A players’ life can’t be ruined because of some personal issues.

Coach is the backbone of the team. Without adequate regulations, the athlete will not be able to give their best in the field. It’s not the player, but the coach who has to look after the traits of the competitor with an eagles eye.

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