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24-Year-Old “Supergirl” Entrepreneur Talks Life, Love, Fun and Faith In Your Goals


This is the moment where we’re gonna say she’s outdone herself. You’ve seen her in the news, on TV, the radio and on red carpets all around the USA in Chicago, LA, NYC as well as overseas. 24-year-old serial entrepreneur, nicknamed “Supergirl” by the industry, has conquered another obstacle and we’re here to congratulate her!

Eleven-time award winner and the reigning Miss World America Nation 2020, Calynn M. Lawrence is the CEO of Calynn Communications and Creative, the advertising and media firm that now owns her nonprofit initiative The Fresh Faces Project (est.2014)  and online reality series “Chicago talent” (est. 2018) as well as several online publications. In addition to successfully launching her corporation this year, she has recently completed two professional certificate programs from the critically acclaimed Harvard Business School Online, hosted by edX! 

We got the chance to chat with her again for a few about her recent endeavors and we’re sharing the inspirational dialogue with our readers, both for your enlightenment and entertainment.

How are you feeling? What are your thoughts on your recent accomplishments?

I feel amazing. I almost can’t even verbalize. I am so grateful to have been able to seize these opportunities and have the much appreciated support of my loved ones and friends. Having been able to successfully “graduate” from two programs through my dream university, Harvard, with 98% and 97% overall course averages and finally launch my media firm which is now the parent company to my other businesses and has also recently acquired and created several online publications is a great feeling! Also, my community service has really been AMAZING this year with an awesome ceremony in March for the annual Fresh Faces Awards, and having donated to over 10 charities both locally and internationally and volunteering my time to serve and make a small change in my old neighborhood on the Southwest side of Chicago and in other areas. And, I hope that things only go up from here! I plan to keep working hard and dream even harder!

Wow! Great job on that. What are some current goals of yours? What else is coming up for 2020 from your companies?

Thank you. Well, season 3 of my show, “Chicago Talent” is currently in production and I am looking forward to having that launch and go live. The first two seasons reached over 80,000 viewers and got rave reviews in the press with a solid 5 star rating from the audience. I would like to continue or exceed this standard going forward! Also, I will be launching an online course and dramatically shifting my business model going forward in 2020. Those announcements will be made in the fall across all of my social media platforms.Other than that, most of my other goals are moreso to do with my personal life.


Speaking of personal life, you’ve been very open in your interviews and on your social media about your active singleness, and your search for Mr. Right. Has there been any progress for “Supergirl” in the love arena lately?

Well, I won’t get too deep into details but there are a couple of people who have been putting in work and who I’ve been really connecting with! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this really awesome man named Matthew who I have so much respect and admiration for. I know I do a ton of press and get a lot of attention for what I do and contribute to the world but this guy deserves a round of applause too in my opinion. Single dad, working long hours, nice guy who’s been through a lot in life but is striving to keep on keeping on and be the best man and best father he can be. People like him get a tipped hat from me. So, we’ll see what happens with my love life this year. Maybe I’ll finally be appreciated and truly loved by the man of my dreams. I don’t know. I’m just gonna let the music play, the soundtrack to my life isn’t even halfway over yet.


That’s beautiful! We’re sure it won’t take much longer for a woman like you to find your prince. After all, it’s clear from your work and your personality, that you not only deserve love but you have a world of it to give. On a final note, what advice would you give people who are trying to pursue their passions and are having hardships? Any concluding words for the readers?

Thank you. Let’s cross our fingers with a hope and a prayer that is the case. As far as advice for people looking to pursue their passions, everyone knows I am a huge advocate for that. Whatever obstacles stand before you, whatever barriers need to be broken down, whatever mountains to move, keep going and know that your current destination isn’t your final one. Your tribulations are not your legacy, your destiny or your meant-to-be. You can break the chains that bind you. Sometimes, all it takes is a ton of hard work and faith in yourself and your abilities. You can walk on the water of your dreams.

But once you do, use that power to send it on and make waves. I’m a strong believer that one small rock can set the sea in motion just as one helping hand can perpetuate a chain reaction of good and positivity. Be that one spark to ignite the flame.

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