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Top 6 Ways to Build a Better Website Design


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Whether the goal is to increase brand awareness or market a product or service, effective website design can bring a change by boosting sales and to have an online presence in the market. Websites are accessed almost anywhere that serves the purpose of what the brand is all about. However, to have engaged and attract the audience towards a website requires precision and skills by an effective web designer to persuade visitors to become customers. Some effective tips ensure to produce a good web design adopted by the best website design companies.

  1. Simplicity

When it comes to design effective websites the better it is for users to capture information. A webpage containing cluttered elements or overloaded with information can make the page look ill-designed and less eye-catching to the audience. This will make it time-consuming for users and also a risk of increasing frustration amongst them diverting them away to other competitor websites. Users come with a purpose to have a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing design with the relevant information to be found. Simple and sleek designs tend to be the best that help people to focus on more important features with ease of navigation as well.

2. Perfect Images

Ensure to choose Images that would convey a direct message to the users of what the intention of the page is about. An effective website will tell them exactly what purpose does the website carry guiding users where they want to navigate to for example the use of arrows on website headings can point exactly to primary features of a site. Moreover, the best website design company in UK keeps quality in mind making sure that custom images are designed in a way that fits across all platforms whether it’s used for a website or mobile application, giving high resolution and ensuring great photo quality as well.

3. Aesthetics

No matter the relevancy of content of the website but paying attention to aesthetics is important to make the content visually appealing too, for example, the use of proper font sizes and styles, colors used and other factors keeping a website in balance. The use of warmer tones makes people feel more energized whereas cooler tones making people calmer, so choosing a good combination of colors for the target audience is just one of the factors of effective web design. Keeping the audience in mind is very crucial to have a successful website, pages designed in the ways that are readable, usable and reliable ensuring a well-designed website.

4. Custom Designs

Best Website Design Company in UK designs layouts according to the requirements of a business that is now a trend instead of using templates that cannot fulfill the needs of every business. Every company aims to have a custom made design instead of using already built templates that tend to be less responsive with cluttered elements that are not required. However, some organizations might take standard conventions as an easy way out that allows users the ease of being comfortable with taking them less time on learning something new. For example, sticking to standard navigation convention, placed at the top of the page.

5. Enhance User Experience

Website design is not all about the look and feel but also the functionality that it provides. The success of the website mainly depends on its functionality and usability. No matter how beautiful a website may look but not able to provide effective user experience can be a great loss of a website with heavy investment involved. When designing a website keeping in mind the user is of utmost importance, for example, providing effective navigation that requires less effort for users to find specific information within 2 to 3 clicks on hyperlinks. Designing the website in such a way that’s visually appealing for users. Within split seconds of launching a website, the user decides whether to stay for a longer period or to navigate away.

6. Fast Loading Time

Slow load times of websites can be stressful and frustrating for users who are looking for information almost instantly. Best website design company in UK, uses techniques to make load times faster by optimizing image sizes, no overflow of information and using tactics that make a direct landing on-page of what the user intended to do. A website should be accessed within a few seconds of clicking a website which can be ensured through regular testing and maintenance.

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