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Top 6 Must Have Tools For App Developers


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According to the statistic, around 95% of Americans use mobile apps. The use of apps has become a part of the day. Now you are relied on for many activities or tasks. You find apps to be the ultimate problem solvers. You do not have to wait to catch the subway or walk all the way to the station when you can book a cab. Similarly, you find less time to get bored because these apps keep you preoccupied with things.

You can pop into the Instagram app to check the newsfeed or sneak into the Facebook profile. If you are an entrepreneur you do not have to roam around your departments to check every individual’s performance, you can simply employee management or task management apps to take the peek. So, there are several problems that we encounter in a day and compatible apps that can be our guiding star.

Investing in an app development business could be a great thing you can do. You can create app like Netflix. So, if you think you need a top-notch skill or have to be very technical to build a responsive framework for your app then you are mistaken. Here is a list of some of the most advanced tools and software, which you can use to create a seamless app. So, read on!


The sketch is an easy to use app development tool. It’s second to Adobe Photoshop. It has a bundle of features and is commonly used by many qualified developers. It has a wide range of features that help even beginners to create a responsive app for a different niche. You can even build a service-based application or a high-end e-commerce app.


BuildFire is best to create a prototype for your app. You can customize your app and can add colors belonging to a diverse range of color palettes. You can make a cross-platform app having trendy features and aspects. The tool is recommended to the professionals who have knowledge of the software and knows how to use the technical aspects efficiently.

Adobe Experience Design

For those who cannot use the tool Sketch, Adobe Experience Design is the best alternative. It supports Windows and lets you enjoy a number of features. You can make a great app and use the bundle of features. You can make wireframes and build a prototype that is rich with a proper outlook.

Axure RP

Axure is the advanced platform that is equipped with the utmost capabilities to help users in building a responsive app framework. It supports every platform and facilitates users with a bunch of features to wrap up the work as quickly as possible. The framework is bundled with a lot of options and facilities that even instruct the newbies in taking most out of it. You can design the complete app and even create a prototype with aspects describe properly.


Marvel is the one platform that can help you out in building a great app under budget. It provides a great variety of features that can let you enhance the productivity of your app. You can easily develop a service-based app or the one having a huge catalog. The cloud storage is immense so that you do not feel troubled by saving any information. Moreover, you do not have to hire a professional as you work like on your own. The tool provides a proper tutorial to help you wipe off your confusion. is best to get better themes and to create the most engaging designs for your app. There is no coding required to build an app. You can design the entire framework without getting caught in any hassle. Above all, you can even add animations in your app. The tool provides an entire gallery of features to add motion in your graphics. Now you can be relaxed to get an app that sure can increase the overall conversions and ensure better online productivity.

Wrap Up

You get to create an app that is rich with features but feels troubled executing professional skills. But once you get to know about these tools you will feel encouraged in building apps that are responsive and proficient.

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