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Keyword optimization is just what it sounds like, optimizing your page for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. What that means exactly is trying to make sure your website ranks well in the search engine for a phrase that people are searching for. On this we are going to talk about why keyword optimization is important, proper keyword optimization techniques like Mississauga SEO company uses, and some outdated techniques that you should avoid.

The Importance of Keyword Optimization

The most obvious reason why keyword optimization is important is that you want your page to rank well in the search engines for a term that a lot of people are searching for. If you can rank highly for a popular search term, you can get a lot of free traffic to your website.

It’s important to make sure that your pages are optimized for keyword phrases because when you do it properly, you are telling the search engines what your page is all about. When the search engines know what your page is about, they can serve up your page to the people who are looking for the content that you are creating.

A properly optimized page also means that you are creating content for a specific audience. When you create content for a specific audience and those people can find your website in the search engines, you’re getting highly targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is traffic that converts, and will help you make more money.

Some Outdated Keyword Optimization Techniques You Should Avoid

One of the techniques that used to be very popular but can actually get your site penalized today is keyword stuffing. Once webmasters learned that placing a particular keyword on their webpages helped their pages rank well in the search engines, a lot of people started to overdo it. A lot of marketers figured more is better and started putting their keyword onto their webpages excessively. The search engines caught on pretty quickly and started penalizing web pages that were doing this.

Another mistake that some people make is to create content without a specific keyword phrase in mind. This is sort of the other extreme. Some people put a keyword onto their pages way too many times, and other people create content without thinking of keywords at all. Your content should include your keyword phrase in a natural way but naturally does not mean a complete lack of keywords. If you want your pages to rank well in the search engines for keyword phrases that get a decent number of searches, you have to create content around those keyword phrases.

Optimizing for just one keyword phrase per page is another mistake that a lot of people make. It’s okay to have a primary keyword phrase that you want to rank for, while also trying to rank for variations of that phrase. For example, if you have a webpage that is selling luxury handbags, you might want to try to rank for related terms like “buy luxury handbags,” “luxury handbags brands,” “designer handbags” etc. Of course you would also want to make sure that these related keyword phrases are getting a decent number of monthly searches.

Proper Keyword Optimization

Proper keyword optimization starts with keyword research. You don’t want to take the time to create a lot of high-quality content and rank well for keyword phrases that are only getting a handful of searches. You may spend a lot of time and effort, and possibly money, to rank for a keyword that only gets you 10 visitors a month. So again, proper keyword optimization should start with good keyword research.

After you do your keyword research, you need to create your content. Include your keyword phrases naturally without overdoing it and include those related phrases so that you can rank for multiple search terms. You can also use your keyword phrases in your URL, title tags, H1 tags, and image alt tags.

Proper keyword optimization is not difficult and if you follow the tips outlined on this page you can rest assured that you have a properly optimized page.

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