The Best 10 Tools for Editing Photos Online 1

The Best 10 Tools for Editing Photos Online


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Fans of photo retouching have an alternative to popular software in free online image editors. Its strong point is that we do not need to install any program and, in some cases, not even register.

Also, it is the reality that none of them can reach the possibilities offered by professional programs. However, recently, there have been numerous options that you should at least give a try. Surely some of them will convince you.

This post has made a selection of the best free online photo editors. Virtually all of them offer many of the tools, effects, and functions that are commonly found in traditional editing software. Also, if you have no idea to edit your image, the website mygraphicsite would be a helpful resource stop to learn some useful tips and tools.

How to retouch photos online without downloading any program

In many cases, having a web page to edit photos instead of a desktop program can be useful. Then today’s post leaves you with a total of 10 online tools to edit images. 

  • Ipiccy

It is a simple photo editor ideal for customizing a snapshot. In it, you can apply filters, colors, brightness, and contrasts, among many other options. It also allows you to fix faulty photos. This tool includes the use of a rubber to remove the bottom. Ipiccy stands out for the infinity of utilities that it has.

  • Fotojet
The Best 10 Tools for Editing Photos Online 2

Another of the best tools we can find on the internet. It is more than an editor, and you can also design collages, greeting cards as well as other design work. It includes filters and the possibility of adding different elements to the image.

  • Pixlr

With this editor, you can create an image from scratch or load it from the computer. Its user interface is modern and includes multiple editing tools such as gradients,  selection tools, magic wands, among others.

  • DesignCap

It is a highly recommended option that highlights its simplicity. It is as easy as choosing a specific size and adding what you want.

It contains a wide variety of templates with the exact measurements for what you are looking for, such as a Facebook cover, an Instagram post, among many other options. These templates can be modified quickly.

  • PiZap

Another very comprehensive tool. In addition to editing images online for free, you can create collages and other design jobs. The images can be uploaded from the computer or from social networks.

  • Befunky

Much more than a simple website to retouch photos. It has multiple possibilities but when it comes to photo retouching it is one of the best options that can be found.

  • PicMonckey

Perhaps the best website to edit photos that exist. A meticulous and professional interface with tools of all kinds. Very complete and highly recommended since multiple actions can be performed. It offers quite a wide range of editors and functions. There are effects, touch-up filters, textures, themes, and different types of fonts, photo frames, and options for sharing on social networks.

  • Phixr

It is a platform for retouching with fundamental options. Its interface leaves a lot to be desired and it instead looks like a retro program. It includes the most essential choices to retouch a photo and the best thing is that it incorporates more than 200 filters for photos. It also allows you to edit image files by uploading them directly from Photoshop, Picasa or Twitter among other sites.

  • Photoscape

Photoscape is a program that allows you to improve your photos simply. This would be a good option for beginners. You can download it and use it on your computer or use it online. It stands out for being a very well organized tool, with a series of well-structured menus that facilitate the work you are going to do.

It is a more basic Gimp option, with which you can create great effects without having to go to much more powerful programs.

  • Sumopaint

Its interface seems a bit dated compared to other options. Its tools are similar both in their layout and in their characteristics to those of Photoshop.


With all the tools, you can work with images without spending. Of course, almost all include extra tools that can be accessed by paying. Either way, if you want to obtain the best websites to edit images for free, here, you have a good number of possibilities.

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