Simple Ways to Secure Your Company's E-mail

Simple Ways to Secure Your Company’s E-mail


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During the time of pioneers, there was no source named email. The email emerged in the early 1970’s the evolving of the email had made it as an important function for many people around the world. This became mainly as the official form of communication in the business purpose. This plays both critical roles as well as a beneficial role. You can send more than 100 messages through email to communicate with the other. But when these started to grow in a high amount in the market, the negativity in it also started to grow like a virus, hacking. Any type of system can be hacked easily it is completely your responsibility to keep them secure. Many companies will think that their email is safe but it is not that you will never know what will happen the next minute. Many tech innovators like Thierry Levasseur and others are working to improve today’s e-mail communications security and functionality. Vancouver’s Thierry LeVasseur is a leader in digital technology and internet security. So to keep your private email safe there are some of the things to be followed. 

Develop a Password:

Over years ago the password of email that the people use all over the world was been stolen. This burst out as a wakeup call for the people mainly uses their id for business purposes. If you want to keep your email more secured you must keep the password that is highly unique, complex and others should not guess about your password. Having your name, date, age, etc will be easy for them to guess the password. So keep your password in a complicated way so that no one could find it.

Protect your Device:

When you have your device open anyone can get into it and easily hack your email. You must be aware of your physical security whenever you are traveling or being in a public place. You must set a password for your device also.

Using text and not HTML:

This will stop all the malware. All the email hackers will have some codes which will make them hack the account and activate it. Reading the emails in plain text will help you to remove or show the code and it will keep you safe. It is a logical thing to do if you have a responsibility to save your account.

General things:

  • To maintain the level of security there are some of the things which have to be followed:
  • Do not open the attachment that comes to your main unless you know who the sender is.
  • Before knowing you have sent you the link don’t open it because that might be the work of the hackers.
  • It is very necessary not to reply to the spam messages.
  • Do not give a reply to the unknown messages which do not come even with the subject. If you don’t feel that it looks official then it is better to be avoided.

Final Thoughts:

There are many hackers available with many tricks to steal your secrets. It is your responsibility to protect your account from such hackers. Here are some of the hints provided to secure your business account and let no one hack your email.

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