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Side Gigs You’ll Love as a Stay-at-Home Parent


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We live in something called the gig economy. It is just a fancy economist talk for letting us know that we are at the mercy of our international corporate masters and they don’t even have to pay us health insurance, as long as they designate our jobs as “temporary” or “part-time” and pay us peanuts. In fact, some 37% of all Americans have a side gig. That’s almost one in four, which is a shocking number. On average, these jobs bring $686 each month to their households, which isn’t really a big amount, but for some people, it is crucial for making rent or eating a meal that doesn’t consist of ramen. Yeah, it is great that the economy has so many jobs, it would just be better if you didn’t need three of them to simply survive. One group of people that can benefit from the gig economy are stay at home parents. Here are some suggestions for some lucrative side gigs, if you are one of them.

Teaching English Online

Don’t worry if you don’t have any educational background in teaching or even experience in the classroom, for that matter. Many of the companies that provide this service only require a bachelor’s degree and that you are a native speaker. A teaching degree or experience are just bonus points. The good thing about this gig is that most of your clients will be Asian kids, meaning you will be working nights mostly, leaving you free during the day for your other obligations. Of course, there is a small matter of sleeping, but we will skim over it. Anyway, if you enjoy teaching and can make kids understand the nuances of the English language, this is a great gig for you. Come to think of it, if you can do all that, you should be made Secretary of Education in the United States government.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of those mythical activities everyone heard about, but nobody is really sure what it is or how it works. The good news is it is far less complicated than various Internet pundits make it sound. For instance, someone with a successful casino affiliate can make thousands of dollars each month by providing a gateway for their clients to reach iGaming sites, and there is no reason why you can’t do the same in your chosen field. IT does require a lot of work in the beginning and having already established site is a major bonus, but once things get into the groove, all you need is a little maintenance and the process runs almost automatically.

Freelance Writing

If you always had a penchant for writing, but never really got into it, staying at home with your kid or kids may just be an opportunity you need. There is always a need for new content on the Internet and if you can write fun, engaging, and compelling articles, you can make some money. At first, you will write generic texts for some content farm until you get a hang of things. This won’t pay much, but the idea is to master the craft, so you can charge more later. Eventually, you can reach a level where you write for some mainstream publication and become an established writer, making a living out of it. It is a big dream, but completely doable.


Ferrying people around isn’t everyone’s idea of a good job, but there are plenty of those among us who enjoy driving and talking to various characters you can pick up during the day. Until one of those characters puke all over your back seat and you have to clean it. Joking aside, accidents like that one does happen, but nowhere near as much as popular notion would have you believe. If an idea of spending your afternoons and evenings taxying isn’t appealing to you, don’t worry, there is another solution. Both Uber and Lyft offer something called “Destination Mode”, where you can pick up people on your morning commute when their destination is similar to yours and they are along your route.

Social Media Manager

Despite the day and age, we are living in, there is a shockingly large number of companies, especially small businesses that have no idea how to manage their social accounts, or even understand why they need to do it. This is where you come in. Running social media for the mom-and-pops shop next door is a great gig for stay at home parents. You can do all the work from your laptop and in between your other responsibilities in the house. One client won’t make you a lot of money, but you can easily manage several of them and add a considerable amount to the family budget. And let’s face it, we all spend too much time on Instagram and Twitter as it is, might as well make some money while doing it.

People who never spend a minute of their time as a stay at home parents like to think that all they do is watch daytime TV and drink wine for breakfast. Those of us who had that experience know how wrong these people are and just how little downtime a dedicated stay at home mom or dad have. Having a side gig that will take up even that small amount of free time sounds cruel, but unfortunately, many families don’t have any other options to make the ends meet.

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