Odoo database migrationOdoo database migration

Secure Business Data With The Help Of Odoo Migration


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With new technology and innovation coming in with the speed of lightning, it is the need of the hour for businesses to change their way of working. Odoo Integration management system has been a life saviour for any business helping them in this ever-changing environment.

Odoo comes with one of the best features known as Odoo database migration. This means that the old version of software used in the business can be upgraded to the newer version of software in a very comfortable and easy way. If businesses do not want to change the software version, in that case, the server can also be changed which means moving data without changing the version.

Things To Be Kept In Mind While Changing Or Upgrading Odoo Software Version

  • The size of the data which is accumulated in the current Odoo version needs to be determined.
  • The location of all the server information should be checked.
  • The estimated downtime should be measured beforehand so that it can be communicated to the client.

There are two types of migration : Legacy system to ERP and Odoo ERP version migration or upgradation.

  • Legacy system to ERP : The Odoo legacy system helps in integration which offers flexibility and scalability and an interface which is user friendly. The odoo database migration helps in updating the system continuously which matches the technological changes.
  • Odoo ERP version migration or upgradation : It successfully migrates existing applications to open source without impacting any data functionality. Odoo database migration ensures smooth shifting of data and application with rigorous testing and validation from the team members.

Steps To Move From Legacy System To Odoo ERP System

1.The backup of the entire database is done so that there is no hamper to the business process when data migration is taking place.

2. A pilot lab is made so that the Odoo development system can be tested by the technical team.

3. The modules which are outdated are looked into and new architecture of applications are made to keep with the market situation.

4. The data is now transferred with the help of odoo database migration to the new version of software.

5. The updated version of the management system is again tested  by the technical team and validated by business managers to understand that the need of the business is met or not.

Why Should Businesses Go For Odoo Database Migration

  • If the Odoo version is Odoo 10 or lower, certain features will be replaced or removed from the system. Thus odoo database migration will help to secure all the data when new versions have to be added.
  • It provides upgraded features which enhances the quality of the system.
  • It helps in keeping pace with the changing market environment and the needs of the business.
  • It provides services which successfully migrate existing applications to new one without hampering the business flow.

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