Sculpting with eyebrow powder gives you striking brows


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If your eyebrows aren’t already shaped according to the hottest trends this year, then you need to grab your eyebrow powder and start sculpting. But powdering your eyebrows is not as easy as it is made out to be. To get powdering right, especially if you can’t get brows sculpting done in a salon you need the correct powder and tools. Gone are the days when you just dabbed powder on to your brows in haste and hoped it remained on for hours or until you head home after work. So if you are ready to learn more about the process of choosing the right powder for your brows and using it like an expert, keep reading.  We have all the information related to brow powder and tips for using it for eyebrow sculpting.

Eyebrow powders are grabbing attention on red carpets

Before you start using powders for your brows, it pays to know why they are increasingly popular. Powders first off, are easily applied and you just need to use a brush and a spoolie to apply them. Designed for easy blending they are used to provide brows with a shadow effect which is a hot trend this year. Brow powders are also extremely versatile and combine well with gels to lift and shape eyebrows. So there is no stopping the brow powder, as almost everyone including celebrities, are using it to get red carpet-worthy brows.

Brow sculpting is a cinch when done with eyebrow powder

Brow trends come and go and change every year. To ensure that your brows keep with the latest trends and do not get left behind, you need brow powder. Even if you just can’t be bothered to keep up with trends and prefer your brows with a striking arch, brow powder is your friend. With one or two powders of the right tint, you can deliver a professional touch to your brows and sculpt them to perfection. Especially if you are heading to the office, powders are indispensable as they are not messy and can be applied swiftly to define and shape your eyebrows. Simply they are the best way to get natural-looking brows in a few minutes. 

Expert tips on how to go about brow sculpting

Sculpting, filling, or taming your brows is currently a necessity, especially if you want to look good during a zoom call when working from home. Here is how you should apply powder on your brows:

  • Use an eyebrow comb or old mascara brush that has been cleaned, and then brush the hairs of your eyebrow, in an outward/upward direction.
  • With the aid of tweezers remove stray hair from your eyebrows. This removal will ensure that your eyebrow has the shape that you desire and the arch is well defined.
  • Apply wax to your eyebrows using a brush as this will help your eyebrows retain their shape. The wax will also ensure that the powder stays on your brows and does not flake off.
  • Measure how you want your brow to be shaped and decide on the shape of the arch. Once this is done use an eyebrow pencil to mark important areas.
  • Ensure that you have the right shade of powder that is up to two shades lighter than your hair.  Use a brush with a thin angled tip to draw lines along the top and bottom of your eyebrows.
  • Using a light touch pick up the right amount of brow powder and fill in the portion that is within the lines. This process will result in your eyebrows looking fuller and defined.
  • Use a spoolie to blend the powder and ensure your brows appear natural.
  • Finish the process by using a tinted eyebrow gel or one that is clear as it will help keep your brows in place.

Brow sculpting is reliant on trends

This year eyebrow trends include creating a shadow effect and even an “almost unibrow” much like what actor Timothée Chalamet sports. Regardless of what brow trend you want to use this year, using the right powder will ensure your eyebrow sculpting is on point.

Points to keep in mind

As you choose powders for your eyebrows follow these important tips.

  • Get the right shade of powder. So if you are a blonde get powder that is up to two shades darker. For those with black hair, a powder that is up to two shades lighter is perfect. Redheads however should opt for blonde hued powders.
  • Look for powders that do not have an oily base and have a soft natural finish.
  • Water-resistant powders will stay on longer and combine well when used with gels.

You have what it takes to become an eyebrow sculpting expert!

The Savarnas Mantra Brow Powders Collection includes a variety of shades. So whether you are a brunette and are looking for eyebrow powder light brown or a dark blonde shade you will get one perfectly suited for needs.  The collection also includes eyebrow powder soft jet black and a show-stopping moonstone shade. Created with the latest technology the Savarnas Mantra range of brow powders are water-resistant, have no mineral oil content, and deliver a soft finish and natural look to eyebrows. Our products are designed to give your brows a sophisticated and classy look that will get them noticed.

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