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Amazing Rajasthan Holiday Package for Backpackers


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Have you ever wonder about watching the sunrise and beautiful sunsets? Have you wondered about seeing the wonderful and magnificent palaces and forts? What if someone says you to experience the tasty, delicious, mouth-watering cuisine of Rajasthan i.e. Dal Batti Churma? Having said that just scroll up and read about the lovely State for which everyone is ever ready to spend their holidays.

Rajasthan is possibly the most fascinating state in India from the viewpoint of a traveller with a huge wealth of history and culture to engage in. It is the land that once ruled kings, and where massive forts and palaces stood the test of time. Today it is one of India’s most common places for backpackers and it has been noticed that no one can step back in taking an extended Rajasthan tour package.

Getting in & around Rajasthan holiday package for backpackers

Getting in is relatively easy as India’s transport network is vast and very cheap. You will take a train from nearby Delhi or Agra (the Taj Mahal’s home) from the North. If you come from the South, Mumbai and Ahmedabad are home to international airports as well. There are also airports in all major Rajasthan cities with budget connections to the rest of the country via IndiGo and Spicejet but there are fairly few international flights to Rajasthan. There are a few options for how to plan your trip to Rajasthan.

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There are three options to plan your Rajasthan holiday tour-

The first choice is to fly alone and prepare your-self all. No matter the budget, you can fly independently as this choice is not just for backpackers. Independent travel in Rajasthan provides optimum versatility and the best chance to experience the Rajasthani culture, local food and meet fellow travellers individually.

The second choice is to help you prepare your route and hire a private car and driver to get around. This has the benefit of getting off your shoulders the weight of preparation while retaining versatility about how long you spend in each destination, where you are staying and how to spend your time in Rajasthan.

The third choice is taking a group tour with a reliable company that is ideal for you when travelling and taking care of the itinerary and preparation, and being accompanied by a local guide

Best time to book Rajasthan holiday package for backpackers

The best time to visit Rajasthan is in winter, from October to March, with December, January and February being the busiest months. The weather in Rajasthan is good during this time and you will be warm under the daytime sun, but at night it gets cold. An alternative time to plan your trip to Rajasthan is during the monsoon. Rajasthan gets a lot less rain, after all, it’s mostly desert than other states in India, the crowds are much lower during this time, and the prices are cheaper.

Each town in Rajasthan is distinctive in its own way with its own features and characteristics that will involuntarily draw you in. From the vast lands of the Thar Desert to the glittering palaces of Jodhpur, Rajasthan has enough for every single visitor. There are different sorts of Rajasthan Tour Package like Rajasthan special first-night visit packages, Rajasthan town safari visit packages, Rajasthan Camel Safari visits packages. The shades of Rajasthan can be the best felt in the fortresses, royal residences and even in the nearby bazaars.

Backpackers love to avail to Rajasthan holiday package for an amazing tour

Backpackers are one who loves to travel across countries and cities and give their honest review about that particular state or place. When backpackers visit the most lovable state Rajasthan they cannot put off their eyes even for a minute or didn’t feel like they are getting bored in the day. Under the Rajasthan holiday package, numerous things are there to offer to tourists from hospitality service to visiting monuments. Backpackers also advise that tour in Rajasthan is a very busy tour and there is no day left for relaxing. The great hustles and bustle of the markets, street food, antique items all these things attract the tourists and offer them endless fun and happiness.

When you embark on the journey of Rajasthan tour you should ensure that you have a high-quality camera with enough memory so you can shot each of the moment you enjoy on the tour. The forts, palaces, walled cities, temples etc… are the major visiting places where you can easily click the photos and relive the history of Rajasthan.

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