What makes a Wikipedia writer amazing?


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We live in a world where our access to information and knowledge is just a click or a tap away. In this technological age where we take out our smart phones and use search engines more than books having access to information twenty four hours a day is not something that is shocking or surprising anymore. Two decades ago this would’ve amazed people but now it’s very common. We have a question and we instinctively use google to answer that. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why people have now even stopped buying books.

The gathering of data and research has been made very easy too. There’s nothing on this planet on which we can’t find any information nowadays. Nowadays the thing that people are more concerned with is the authenticity of the information they are getting. Everything you find on the internet is not necessarily an authentic piece of information. The source of information might not be trustworthy therefore making the information doubtful. Such information cannot be used in different reports and research.

The answer to all these problems came when Wikipedia came into a common man’s use. It provided people with a collection of an enormous amount of information gathered in one place. And the best part about it is that the information available on Wikipedia is authentic. Mostly, you can observe that in many Wikipedia articles there is an extensive use of citations is present. These citations obviously makes the reader feel comfortable about the authenticity of the information available.

Some people prefer writing and editing themselves on Wikipedia but for that they have to be either very good at writing for this platform by having experience previously doing something like that or by having a firm command on the do’s and don’ts of writing for a Wikipedia page. Many people, however, prefer to hire professional Wikipedia writers or editors for creating or maintaining their Wikipedia pages. Now, being professionals these writers and editors have the required skill set and experience to not only write but also get the page approved that they’re writing for. And not everyone can get their articles approved on Wikipedia. It’s not an easy task to accomplish.

There are certain things that every Wikipedia writer should be careful of so that they can also be amongst those writers who we can call amazing.

Researching their topics:  

Every writer, who wants to be in that slab or category of an amazing writer needs to be very good at researching too. Every experienced and well versed Wikipedia writer performs extensive and thorough researches before they publish their work on a Wikipedia page. They make sure that the authenticity of their work is not compromised. They make sure the information that they are providing is genuine and reliable and is supported by citations and other reliable sources. As well all know Wikipedia is a platform which provides accurate and error free facts and figures therefore the approval of errored information is not given and mostly taken down after the screening process is done.

Not giving own opinions:

When we, as readers visit Wikipedia to gather information the first thing that we notice is that the information provided by the writer is not inclining towards any opinions. In fact having a neutral and unbiased tone is something that is required by the Wikipedia platform and biased material is not approved or published on a Wikipedia page. Pages having any kind of brassiness are disapproved and re taken down by the Wikipedia authorities during their review and screening process. Yes, Wikipedia does have a review process and that too a very thorough one. So if you want to be amongst the category of an amazing Wikipedia writer then you should at least have your page approved in the first place by following this simple rule.

Avoid self-promotion at all times:

Since Wikipedia is a platform where everyone wants to be visible nowadays. Business organizations are literally paying good amounts to have their pages made for themselves. See, it is fine if someone else is writing for you on a Wikipedia page. It’s even fine to write about yourself but I always advise against it. The reason why people want to be visible on Wikipedia is for marketing themselves. So, when someone other than yourself writes about you he or she might do it in a very neutral way but when you would do it you might start promoting yourself. You might do it unintentionally but people still end up getting their pages disapproved because of this. People sometimes forget that Wikipedia is not an advertising platform.

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