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Professional designcap software to design and edit photos with thousands of ready designs


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If you are a video content creator (YouTube), social page manager, or design greeting cards for festivals and events, you will definitely need a photo editor that helps produce images that suit your aspiration.

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The expressive picture is the best message to share.

Program designcap one of the programs that help to modify images and remove them as best as possible.

The program works directly on the Internet and does not need to install anything you only need to enter the site :

designcap software

And choose what you want to do:

designcap software

After choosing one of the options listed above and giving an example (Facebook post), a simplified control panel with many pre-made templates appears to facilitate the editing process and output consistent color and size images, which means professional design And we are only waiting for your own contact:

designcap software

We continue with the example we mentioned earlier (published on Facebook) and choose one of the models from hundreds of ready and different models to meet all tastes and cover various occasions.

As for the side panel, it is the control panel for the essential elements of the image, and each of them can be described as follows:

designcap software
  1. Drop-down menu with many options about the target’s image.
  2. Add various ready-made elements (shapes, icons) indexed in groups.
  3. Add ready images in different subdivisions.
  4. Add diagrams or country maps, including the map of Algeria, which are divided into states that can be colored and controlled automatically, as the picture shows:
designcap software
  1. Add an external image.
  2. Add text and control to the image (supports Arabic).
  3. Bitmap Models.
  4. Control the background and choose an image or color.
  5. Suggested models.
  6. Go back.
  7. Return to the current design.

Here is the side control panel for editing on the image, while there is also a mini control panel on the side of the image frame as follows:Professional designcap software to design and edit photos with thousands of ready designs 1

  1. Add effects to the image and can be made black and white from this option.
  2. Control the colors of the inserted image.
  3. Zoom in or out of the background image.
  4. Rotate right.
  5. Rotate backward.
  6. Reverse the image from right to north.
  7. Reverse the image from top to bottom.
  8. Control the position and position of the inserted image.
  9. Arrange the items.
  10. Copies.
  11. Delete.
  12. Control the display of image size.

After completing the design, the image can be saved to your profile through the “Save” option or uploaded for use on other sites and platforms from the “Download” option.

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I made a slight modification to the picture shown in the explanation, to finish the following result and post it on Facebook:

For your information, the program is available in a free copy, it saves 5 forms, uploads 5 pictures, and can subscribe to get the full benefits according to what is shown in the image below:

designcap software

This was an introductory overview of the “designcap” program and its working method is explained in a simple way.

To access the site and experience his work from the link.

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