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If you are someone who has just bought a new house? Or you are planning to change the look of your house or office? Well, in both cases you might need some best pieces of furniture. When we talk about furniture, chairs are the first to strike our mind. Also, a correct combination of chairs and table can completely change the view of your drawing or dining room. So, chairs are the first thing on the list of furniture you should buy from a chair manufacturer in Jaipur. Nowadays,  there are many types of chairs based on designs and the materials used in manufacture. 

However,  choosing a chair for your house, office, or any other work should be done wisely. The chair’s look matters, but at the same time, it should be comfortable and durable. 

Types of materials used in the manufacture of different chairs :

Fiberglass chairs – It is one of the most widely used materials today. Fibreglass is strong and durable. The pieces of furniture made from it look good in appearance. The maintenance of pieces of furniture made from fibreglass is easy. They need wax coating at regular intervals of time. Today, there is a large variety in the designs of chair made from fibreglass. 

Wrought Iron chairs – This iron is known to be very strong. Therefore, the pieces of furniture made from it are durable and last long. Some maintenance is required occasionally. Generally,  the pieces of furniture made from wrought iron are used in hotels, hospitals, schools etc. The chairs made from it are durable, and they can be used in the drawing-room or hall.

Wooden chairs – It is the oldest material used for making different types of furniture. It used for making almost every type of furniture be it tables, chairs, sofas, beds, etc. The wood itself has various types like maple, teak, juniper, spruce, pine, etc. But, the pieces of furniture made from wood can be eaten by insects. Nowadays, various items can be used to protect the furniture from being eaten.

There are many other such materials used in the manufacture of chairs. The chair manufacturer in Jaipur sells different types of chairs based on materials and designs.  The Kirti Nagar market of Delhi is also famous for the same. Not only the materials but the designs of chairs also vary widely. Some designs of chairs are discussed below.

Types of the chair from Chair Manufacturer in Jaipur based on designs:

1. Club chair – These chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort. The sides of this chair are curved and rounded. This makes it comfortable and stylish. Leather is used on these chairs to make them extra stylish. These chairs are generally used for living rooms.

2. Egg chair – As its name indicates, the chair has a design similar to an egg. Arne Jacobsen first introduced it. The chair has a rotating base, and the back of the chair is also curved. The arms of the chair are winged. 

3. Armchair – These chairs are known from a very old time. As the name indicates,  the chair has arms designed so that your hands can rest on it. The back of the chair is wide to support and provide comfort to the back. The chairs are many varieties. 

4. Tulip chair – The chair is designed with a pedestal base. Due to its unique base, it doesn’t take much space. The back of the chair looks similar to the tulip. The chair has no arms. It goes best with the tulip tables or round tables.

5. Ladderback chair – These chairs are made from wood. The back of the chair looks like a ladder, so it is named as ladderback. The arms of the chair make it more stylish. 

6. Desk chair- As the name indicates,  these chairs are used near desks. It is good for office use or students. These chairs have wheels attached to the base. Some desk chairs have arms while some don’t have arms.

There are many such chairs like the Recliner chair, director’s chair, Bistro chair, etc. You may choose a chair as per your comfort from the chair manufacturer in jaipur and use. The prices of the chairs also vary with designs.

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