Palazzo suits - Perfect for Every Occasion 1

Palazzo suits – Perfect for Every Occasion


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Palazzo Pants offer a unique solution which brings together comfort and style. They have this carefree look about them which just leaves a mark. The great thing about palazzo? They can be mixed with almost any kind of tops, assuming you can pull it off that is. You can go for the unique shirt and palazzo pants combo; you can opt for a cropped palazzo if the movement is your thing or you can go even opt for the traditional palazzo suits if you want to. So here we are and here’s the plan – we are going to explore the different mixes of palazzo pants that give you the zing and help you experiment with your style.


The Traditional Touch

One of the most beautiful thing about palazzos is that they rock even the traditional outfits. You can opt for a churidar or kameez and have a palazzo bottom. This would also give you an air of freedom. When we go with the full salwar suit, most of us like to choose leggings. While those can create a compact feeling, they can also become uncomfortable. With palazzos, you need not to worry about that.
The main feature of palazzo pants is that they are breezy and offer a better movement and degree of comfort. You can compare it with a frock-bottom as well. That would also give you a sense of freedom, but then it would take away your movement and compactness. Having to maintain your frock always can be a hassle as well.
Palazzo salwar
Palazzosalwar suits offer a compromise between skin-tight leggings and all-free frocks. They offer freedom, comfort and movement. They are good as office-wear as well as party-wear. Not to mention they help you up your oomph factor. One of the best things to do here is going with contrasting colours. A light coloured kameez coupled with a dark coloured straight cut, vanilla palazzo salwar can set the serious stage.

The Tomboy Experiment

Another style you can try out with palazzos is the cropped and trouser-style. Both are a bit similar and give you a tomboyish appearance. On the plus side that helps you make a bold statement. One of the best retro-style avatars you can take with palazzos salwar suits is also the Coluttes. It gives you a sporty vibe. Combine it with a sleeveless top, and you have the perfect wear for summer. If getting a tan is your worry, take the unusual route of going with full sleeved salwar suits.
palazzo pants
Not to mention the comfort. After all, that is the main feature of palazzo pants. The ease with which you can carry yourself when you choose to wear palazzo styled salwar suits is second to none. Casual wear palazzo salwar suits are a great way to have a unique taste.

Flared Cuts

Flared Cut palazzos from the most common types of the palazzo. They are the closest palazzo suits can get you to frock-style without compromising your movement. Wear it with a brightly coloured top. Take the road not taken, have a different heir style. All this would help get a fresh perspective on life.
The thing about flared cut palazzo is that they can look good in almost any colour. Be it indigo, maroon, blue, green or even yellow. But you have to be careful here. Think before choosing a flared palazzo if you are a bit short. It would be difficult to pull it off. The looseness in the legs region would make you look like Spongebob from the famous kids shows Spongebob Square Pants. Not that we are discouraging anyone, it just that while flared cuts palazzo salwar suits need effort a bit of effort, unlike the vanilla palazzo which anyone can effortlessly rock.
Flared Cut palazzos
So there you have it, the sharp palazzo suits with a Desi tadka to help you discover your style and make a style statement. While you might have missed the great 30s and 50s when palazzos were a rage, and they adorned the like of Greta Garbo and Katherine Hepburn, you can be part of the second coming and make your way into the spotlight. Being spunky and fashionable is the mark of the free-spirited mare. So go get them.

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