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5 Tips to Make Your Online Communication Better


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There are several ways of connecting with people online through Instant Chat Messenger services, websites, dating apps, etc. However, not everyone knows how to use the marvel of this technology properly. You may have come across people you liked a lot on social media and wanted to connect with them. But do you know how to reach out and communicate with them properly? Well, fear not, we, at NEEO Messenger,

5 tips right here to make your online communication more effective and better

  1. Time Zones Matter

The first way to make your online communication smooth and practical to consider the time zones your online peers and paramours live in. If you find someone you like and want to connect with online, before messaging them, first make sure you are not disturbing them. What is considered day time in Pakistan might be night time in Canada or Australia? To figure out the time zone:

  1. Look up the person you are interested in on social media.
  2. Check their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and see when they were last active. Since nowadays posts everything they do online, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.
  3. Once you find out their timings, message them accordingly. 

2. Colorful Imagery is your Friend

Another way to make your online communication better is by incorporating audio and visual imagery into whatever you are doing. Nowadays, Instant Chat Messengers like NEEO, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, etc., allow you to share not only emoji’s, but gifs, pictures, videos, audio messages, and so much more. So, capitalize on this technological advancement, and engage with your paramour by using colorful images. For example, imagine you are talking to someone you are interested in dating. A simple Hello would be an excellent way to start a conversation, but it may not guarantee a reply. However, a picture of a cup of coffee and some breakfast would be a sure shot way to get their attention and get the ball rolling.

3. Give Compliments to Others

Once you get the conversation started, make sure to incorporate lots of compliments in your discussion. Practical and good communication means taking your partner’s needs into account, and one of the ways to do is by giving them lots of positive reinforcement. An easy thing to keep in your mind while talking to people across the internet is remembering that they, too, are a person, just like you. Maybe they are having a bad day that they have not told you about. So, make sure you something nice about the stuff they have posted online. For instance, if they have posted on their story about their morning run, or their outfit, make sure you say something like, wow; it looks like you had a good run! Or, that outfit looks great on you, where did you get it from?

4. Ask Genuine Questions

Another way of effectively making your communication better is to ask questions that seem genuine. Even if your intention is not so, make it look like it is. All Instant Chat Messengers allow you to text, call, video chat instantaneously. So, take advantage of what you have and ask your friend or peer questions that seem personal. It will make them open up to you and connect with you in a better way. Keep in mind that the things you are asking should be personal but not too personal. There is a delicate balance between being creepy and being intuitive. A good question to ask would be, ‘what is your favorite time of the year’ because it allows you to make a simple but personal connection with the person on the other side of the screen.

5. Keep the Conversation Interesting.

The last way to make your online communication better and effective is to keep the conversation interesting no matter what! There are several ways of doing so. One of the most effective ways is to find common ground. It can be something as simple as a musician, writer, or a film you both like. Once you find it, bond with them over this commonality, share interesting facts that you can easily find online, and keep the conversation riveting!

And if you will have followed these tips to T, you will not only be popular online; you will also have a better grasp on shaping your communication with other people.

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