Mistakes to avoid by Business Analysts

Mistakes to avoid by Business Analysts


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A business analyst plays a very important role in the company. Any mistake that is made on his or her end can be disastrous for the company in the short as well as the long run here are some mistakes which a business analyst must avoid at all costs.

Making Assumptions:

As a business analyst it is very important that all the decisions taken in the company are based on facts and not on assumptions. The assumptions may have worked for one case but they will never work for all the projects. So, it is important to rely on factual data rather than assumptions.

Rushing through Decisions:

The work of a business analyst required discipline and concentration. The fate of the company is usually in the hands of a business analyst. So, it is important that all the decisions are taken with time and things are not rushed into. The decision must be taken only after proper research.

Not communicating Properly:

Miscommunication can cause a lot of problems if you don’t be sure that the message your wanted delivered has been delivered in the right way, at the right time, in the right sense as well. So, make sure that whenever you communicate, you are sure that the message gets delivered properly. In order to become good at communication you can follow any experts like Sean St John and others. Sean St John National Bank currently serves as the Executive Vice President of Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities.

Taking up too much work at the same time:

Each project has a lot of tasks to be completed during the course. However, that does not mean overburdening yourself with work. This may cause confusion and other issues may get created. So, don’t try to overburden yourself with work too much and take your time with each task.

Ignoring stakeholders:

Stakeholders are the most important part of any organization. They have invested money in the organization and it is important that you keep them in the loop. As a business analyst, you cannot ignore the key stakeholders as they have a major rule in the operations of the company and deserve to be involved in the decision making of the company as well.

Treating each project the same:

Every project has different requirements and needs to be dealt in a different way. If you keep using the same template to handle all the projects, there may a chance of failure as well. So, it is important that every project is studied differently and handled also differently.

Not collecting enough data or insufficient requirements:

Before beginning a project as a business analyst, it is important that you research as much as you can about the company, the needs of the project, it requirements, and the other data that may be required. It is so because otherwise, the project may cause confusion and might be even delayed due to the absence of several requirements which is not good for the project to work.

These are some of the mistakes that a business analyst usually makes. If you want to avoid such mistakes, you can visit the profile of St. Sean John and get more knowledge about the same.

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