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Lights have always been a symbol of hope and positivity. The phrase “you light up my world!” probably found its origin somewhere here. Over the years, paper lamps by Paper Lamp Manufacturer have been lighting up a lot of spaces. And today, they are a hit in the Asian and Western markets. Almost every festival calls for lights. Paper lamps have definitely come out on the top and are in huge demand. Be it a stationary hanging paper lamp or a sky lantern, everyone considers buying them around the festivals. The craze is at such a peak that it has made its way to people’s social media handles. Clicking pictures while lighting the lamp or capturing the beautiful sky lit up with a number of paper lamps is an on-going trend around holidays. 

Started as an everyday use lamp in China, paper lamps are known by different names and are related to various festivals. These lamps have definitely made a fortune for Paper Lamps Manufacturer. The demand and its usage are skyrocketing and a trend one can get behind!

  • Paper Lamps in China

In places like China and Taiwan, the usage of paper lamps started with everyday use. But nowadays, a lantern festival is celebrated by the denizens in both countries.  

  • The Philippines Paper lamps’ tradition

Paper Lamps are an important part of Filipino Christmas. Earlier, these paper lamps were made of bamboo and Japanese paper. Now, other materials are used to make the same. The paper lamps here are star-shaped and represent the Star of Bethlehem. 

  • Thailand’s festival with Paper Lamps

Paper lamps or Khom thue is a significant part of Thailand’s Yi Peng festival. These lamps are used to decorate houses and temples. Available in different shapes and sizes, paper lamps are quite a hit in Thailand too.

  • Sri Lanka’s Buddhist festival with Paper lamps

Believe it or not, Sri Lanka has also joined the Paper Lamps club. During their Buddhist festival of Vesak, these paper lamps or Vesak Kuudu are used for decoration. They are hung outside the houses to light the whole place up!

  • Paper Lamps for USA Christmas

Borrowed from the Philippines, Christmas in New Mexico also includes paper lamps as a part of the celebration. These lamps are illuminated by placing candles or tea lights into a series of paper lamps. A picture-worthy moment for sure!

  • The European Paper Lamps trend

During two of the famous festivals in Italy and German-Dutch speaking areas, the children light paper lamps and walk on the streets of the cities. Can you imagine how beautiful the aerial shot of the same would look like?

  • The Indian new paper lamps trend

Diwali, the festival of lights is also behind the trend of paper lamps. During the night, people often use sky paper lamps to leave them in the air or use hanging them to decorate their homes. 

Get behind the trend of paper lamps and find the nearest Paper Lamps Manufacturer to purchase some beautiful paper lamps!

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