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Learn the Benefits of the Best VA Loans for Disabled Veterans in Houston


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The government-backed loan, VA mortgage, extends its hand to the military members and their surviving spouses. Apart from them, a qualifying veteran can get VA compensation due to service-related disabilities or medical conditions. They are exempted from paying VA loan funding fee which is mandatory for the previously-discussed group. In return, the disabled veteran can access thousands of savings over the loan term. As long as you can submit a document of active duty status, you can apply for the loan.

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Apart from the benefit mentioned benefit, the best VA loans for bad credit in Houston come with other advantages as well. As many service members are not aware of the mortgage, they end up choosing the wrong option. The disabled veterans can qualify for the additional benefits and still apply for their dream home. Of course, the lenders know that most of the injured or disabled veterans do not meet the minimum service days. Keeping every concern in mind, the lenders are still able to offer multiple benefits in a way to thank them for their services. Let’s have a look at the loan benefits below.

Use the Housing Grants

An injured veteran can buy a home without paying for the funding fee. Now, if the house requires accessibility modification, the Specially Adapted Housing grant and Special Housing Adaptation are obtainable. For the former or SAH, you can either build a home or remodel the property to meet the disability-linked modifications. Or, you can apply SAH against the main loan balance of an adapted property which is bought without taking a VA grant. Now, the Special Housing Adaptation or SHA lets you adapt the newly-bought house or the existing one. If any of these options fit your situation, you can get help against a home which has been adapted. Meanwhile, remember that the highest amount for the Specially Adapted Housing is $90,364.

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No Property Taxes

Every homeowner is required to pay property taxes and the amount comes with the monthly mortgage payment. If you are a borrower receiving disability income, you can get access to property tax exemptions. In the meantime, you should remember that the exemption widely varies by certain factors and state. So, the VA loan reduces the amount every homeowner needs to pay for taxes every year. It is better to inquire with your lender about the state-specific perk. You can look up the official websites to understand whether 100% of tax exemptions are available.

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Check for Disability Payment

The disability compensation is regarded as income and it helps you pass the VA loan requirements. To qualify for the loan, a veteran should have a reliable, expected, and stable income. The main aspect of utilizing the disability pension for a VA mortgage is that the payments will go on.

If you are wondering how to walk through the whole process, find a reliable lender before everything. The lender can help you with closing costs and other crucial factors of the mortgage. So, do not let your physical disability crush your dream and start finding your way to a VA loan today!

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