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Kitchen Renovations: What do you need to do for an after clean?


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Indians have been living in a set of traditions and their own culture for a long time. But for the last few decades, we have been trying to fit in with the process of globalization and modernization is one of the impacts that have hit our daily life in a big way. People are adapting to new ethos and values. You can see a major difference in the mind-set, behaviour, actions, and routine life as compared to a few decades back. Along with personality change, people are now experimenting with their living style and methods. The most basic way to explain all these can be seen in the concept of home renovations. Many people are upgrading their households or offices according to the requirements and expectations of the modern trends.

Now your kitchen is the most important place in the household because the food that you need for your survival comes from this place. Due to its importance, kitchens need to be properly planned and designed. Also, you need to have the proper equipment for the perfect kitchen. Indian traditional kitchens never had chimneys or grinders. We used to cook sitting down rather than standing behind a counter. But so many small and huge changes have made the kitchen a simpler and efficient workplace according to the modern lifestyle.

What exactly is kitchen renovation?

Kitchen renovation demands many things to be kept in mind. The first thing is to have a clear concept of what exactly you need to put in and throw out of the kitchen. Secondly, get an exceptional and transparent plan of work that your contractor can relate to and give you the perfect results. When you are renovating the kitchen keep in mind a few things that can help you achieve a highly efficient and pleasing kitchen to work in.

Starting with the layout, you need to plan the layout in such a way that it is very comfortable and cosy for you to dedicate your time here. Keep the stove, countertops, cabinets, chimney, etc. within a reasonable distance so that you do not have to move around the kitchen a lot and get tired quickly. Also, repaint the kitchen in some vibrant colour which will help you to do your cooking with more enthusiasm. Get some good and reliable pest control services in Bangalore that can help you to pest-proof the place as much as possible. And finally, keep a good amount of lighting so that you do not miss out on the small things while handling food. 

What happens after the renovation is over?

The main problems come after the renovation is done. All the detailing, furnishing, and reconstructions make your kitchen dirty and dusty. You can’t start your cooking in unhygienic surroundings. If you are compromising with kitchen cleaning, you are only making it more difficult for yourself. A compromise in cleaning means compromising with health. So, let’s give you some pointers that might help you in achieving a clean and sparkling kitchen after the perfect renovation.

  1. Start from cleaning from the top. The cabinets and the selves should be cleaned and dusted first and then the surface and finally the flooring. In case you have debris in the kitchen from the work done then you might want to take care of that as the very first thing.
  2. Now go to the walls. If it is repainted you might think it’s clean but observe again. You might get surprised to see the dust sticking to the walls. So if it’s repainted then just use a rag and clean it or else get a wet towel to clean the walls.
  3. Now clean the floors using a vacuum so that the dust that you have already cleaned from the top and thrown to the floor does not get back on the alliances and cabinets.
  4. Then, it’s time for the stoves and appliances to be cleaned. Once, that’s done you can install them after a good clean up or you can just clean them after installation.
  5. Vacuum any furniture, fans or chimneys that you have in the kitchen and then mop them with a clean towel so that the dirt does not stick to the appliances.
  6. Clean out the light fixtures and furniture like tables and chairs if any.
  7. Clean out the vents with soapy water and towel.
  8. Finally, get one more vacuum to the floor and then mop it with disinfectant so that germs and pests do not intrude on your brand new kitchen.

All these steps might seem too much but if you want your kitchen to get that posh and sophisticated look, get the broom, vacuum cleaner and mop and start putting some elbow grease. You have a better option to just hire some professional cleaning services in Bangalore or near your place and let them do the work for you while you enjoy a relaxing afternoon with your loved ones and once they are done get on with an evening barbeque party while enjoying your new kitchen.                 

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