Beat Inferiority Complex

3 Islamic Ways to Beat Comparanoia or Inferiority Complex


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Whenever I go for my mandatory Hajj ritual through my cheap Hajj Packages, I witness a mystical atmosphere of uniformity, harmony, and equality. Indeed it is the most jaw-dropping mystical place on the entire planet Earth. It is a place where the fellows of every color, caste, and backgrounds are gathered together just to praise the one and only Supreme Creator Allah (SWT).

I wonder if Allah (SWT) doesn’t differentiate his creators on our imperfections then why is this so-called human society so judgmental? Why does it run after perfection? Why imperfect doesn’t get acceptance from society? Why a white-colored person gets noticed or becomes superior to his dark-colored fellow?

 Comparanoia and Its Reasons

With a bottled-up sob, I would like to admit that these devastative feelings lead us to the pit of chronic depression with the huge loss of self-esteem. So the feelings “Why I am not as good as others? Why I don’t have hair color? Why I am so lacking in this? Why I don’t have that, etc.

These self-harming negative feelings overpower our minds and even hamper our hidden talents and innate qualities. So instead of looking for the good in ourselves, we become the victims of the extreme personality illness called Comparanoia, a mental illness constantly comparing ourselves to others and finding ourselves at loss and lacking.

We continue going into the pit of inferiority complex, we remain fearful of confronting this society and we seek the support of a psychiatrist to get rid of this and waste amounts of money in relaxants and anti-depressants.

Don’t worry- Allah is Your Doctor

I had been battling with my complexes for a long time. But my last year Hajj’s journey and understanding of Islam changed my negative thoughts altogether. Be mindful that the attainment of an optimistic life attitude with confidence and positivity is not an over-night or one-day process. It takes time.

So instead of wasting your money on human doctors, use your time and energies to seek help from the one who is the king of doctors. Instead of taking temporary worldly pills, get to learn your religion. Indeed Islam is your ever-soothing spiritual attitude.

3 Islamic Ways to Deal with Comparanoia or Inferiority Complexes

A Trust Muslim wards off his depression and anxieties only with the help of Allah (SWT) in the following life-changing or life-making ways.

Understand the Purpose of your Life

As a Muslim, you must understand the sole purpose of your life that is to live following the will of Allah (SWT) and his directed ways.  Your sole purpose in life is just to please Allah, not society. Do the best for him, He (SWT) would do the best for you.

Get to Know the Worth of Human Creation in Islam

You know Allah (SWT) has made mankind as Crown of the Creation. He/she has been bestowed superiority even over the Angels. So in order to get an ultimate solace turn to Quran in which Allah (SWT) has

We have certainly created man in the best of stature (95:4).

Don’t rush for society’s cheap judgmental standards. So you are beautiful in every height and skin tone.

Be Grateful for whatever you have

Be grateful for whatever you have and even for whatever you don’t have.  The virtuous habit of gratefulness would shower you with all the blisses of this Dunya and Aakhirah. The more you say thanks to Allah, the more He (SWT) is going to bestow you. Allah (SWT) is your sole Creator, he only knows which skin color or height is best for you. He is a fortune creator, not your society. He (SWT) is the Judge of all judges of this so-called society. Never let this worldly pain be a stumbling block in your connection with your Allah (SWT).

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