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Instagram Hashtag Slideshow – What is it and Why Your Marketing Needs It


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Nowadays, the marketing concept has evolved as people have become more brand conscious. People closely follow brands on social media especially Instagram and keep an eye on every new development in the industry. 

Presently, Instagram is the most important social media channel for marketers because of its large user-base, which is growing every day. This is the reason why brands need to incorporate the power of Instagram posts in their marketing plans. 

Aside from the popularity factor, Instagram is also the best social media network to create a social wall owing to the visual content. People find the images and videos engaging more than the textual content and hence, Instagram grabs the users’ attention better than any other social media channel. 

Also, managing the content through hashtags is easier on Instagram and so is the content curation. The curated content from Instagram around a dedicated hashtag is known as Instagram hashtag Slideshow. 

Instagram Hashtag Slideshow – What is it Exactly?

instagram hashtag slideshow

Instagram hashtag slideshow is the collection of user-generated content aggregated from Instagram using specific hashtags. The hashtag slideshow could later be used at events or websites to boost audience engagement and enhance audience-experience. 

Through a social media aggregator tool, brands could create a real-time Instagram slideshow and display easily by means of digital signage. 

Tips To Have An Amazing Instagram Hashtag Slideshow

·      Create Instagram Wall Through Social Media Aggregation

The quintessential step in creating an Instagram wall is to have an Instagram account. By employing a social media aggregator tool, brands could collect all the content from Instagram to one place that could be displayed at various marketing touchpoints. 

When using the Instagram hashtag slideshow at events, it is important to have an equally dynamic and large scale screen to display it. 

·      Selecting the right hashtag

Hashtags are no less the tag lines that brands use in their marketing campaigns. Therefore, it is necessary to create an impactful hashtag and not to mindlessly play with the words. The hashtag should also be simple enough that people can remember it but different enough so as to add the uniqueness to a campaign. 

Complex Instagram hashtags do not serve the purpose of reaching many people as people generally forget it. Also, the hashtag should be in line with the campaign’s message and goals. A relevant, clear, catchy and unique Instagram hashtag is a must for a successful marketing campaign.

·      Moderating the content

Moderation of Instagram content is equally important as curation and displaying it or else brands could run into the risk of image- damaging. A quality Instagram social wall could only be possible by using an efficient content moderation tool. Such tools filter out the undesirable content and create a feed that is relatable and free from inappropriate posts. 

  • Inspire the audience to participate

A well-thought hashtag campaign should be run along with Instagram slideshow at the events. This ensures that at the events, marketers do not have to face the embarrassment of blank digital screens or repetitive content. 

By creating a hashtag days before the actual roll-out, brands could encourage active participation from the target audience. That, along with some contests could bring a stream of unending user-generated content for brands. The more pictures that Instagram slideshow has, the larger the impact on people’s minds. 

Pro tip: Use Taggbox to do all of this at one place!!

Why Your Marketing Needs Instagram Hashtag Slideshow

In the present business scenario, brands are focusing more on building strong ties with their customers and target audiences. Instagram is promising when it comes to creating a niche in the market.  

Here’s how Instagram hashtag Slideshow brings benefits to a business- 

1. Boost User Engagement

Instagram Hashtag Slideshow, when used in a marketing strategy, takes the brand-consumer interaction to the next level. When used in corporate events, the attendees could be involved in the activities, by creating an event hashtag and displaying the content around it on virtual screens. 

The visual appeal of the Instagram content engages the audience with ease and encourages them to participate in ongoing marketing campaigns. 

By asking the event audience to share their post using the dedicated hashtag, brands could successfully let their audience be the social media influencers for them. This, in turn, increases audience satisfaction.

2. Create Brand Awareness & Enhance Visibility

Brand awareness is the modern-day mantra that every business strives to excel at. 

By displaying Instagram curated content on different marketing touchpoints such as websites and events, businesses could highlight their users’ reviews and satisfaction with their brand to potential consumers.  

Instagram hashtag slideshow is the perfect way of bringing the brand closer to its community. By creating Instagram Social walls, the content from the brand community could offer an insight to new users on how the current consumers are using and loving the products. 

By displaying live Instagram content at events, brands can put themselves on a different tangent. Many brands are successful today for the very fact they know how to be visible among the consumers. The social wall at events encourages event attendees to share their experiences with their followers on social media. This helps the brand to reach new consumers. 

From product launches to milestone anniversaries, brands could display Instagram hashtag slide presentations through digital signages to increase their visibility and create social media buzz.

3. Reach new consumers

The Instagram user-generated content is a powerful tool in expanding customer reach. The displayed posts at Instagram hashtag slideshow are also visible to consumers’ followers on social media. This makes it easier for the audience to follow brand activities and eventually be a part of its community.

4. Builds Brand trust

In the era of competitive brand content, every business claims to be the best. By introducing Instagram content in marketing, brands could add value to their existing users by showing that their opinions matter. This also let the new users witness the genuine bond, a brand shared with its customers. This fosters trust in their mind about the brand and they would surely recommend the brand products to more people. 

5. Increases sales opportunities and drives conversions

People easily trust their peers when it comes to buying a product. The 

suggestions of real people like them encourage users to at least try the product once. The user-generated content from Instagram does precisely that for target users. 

The authenticity of the posts from real users makes it relatable for the new ones. This drives the conversion rate for a brand that was otherwise hard to achieve without Instagram hashtag slideshow. 

6. Shoot up bottom-line growth

The basic goal of any business is to increase revenues without putting a strain on the marketing budget. Instagram hashtag slideshow is an affordable way that could reap benefits to a company that too on low investment. All one needs is a smart Instagram aggregator tool to curate all the valuable content from the brand’s customers. 


Instagram hashtag Slideshows are currently one of the marketing must-haves owing to the popularity of its user-generated content. It is a great way to power up the marketing efforts and to achieve higher conversions with minimum investments. 

The appeal of Instagram posts is hard to ignore for new users and they are most likely to take up the suggestion of a brand’s existent users when it comes to purchasing decisions. An Instagram Hashtag slideshow lets the new users see the brand-consumer relationship and therefore, facilitates brand trust. 

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